6 Recommended Fresh Steamed Fish Heads Around Klang Valley!

Steamed fish heads are all about the cooking technique and the ingredients used in it. To get the best from a fish head most importantly is the timing that is used to make sure the fish head meat is still juicy and smooth. Do you prefer your steamed fish head topped with pork lard? Here are 6 recommended ones to try!

1. 126 Steam Fish Head @ Ampang Mewah Food Court 

Famous for the steamed fish heads, upon order, be prepared to wait up to an hour. Famous for Teo Chew style, topped with tofu, tomatoes, salted vegetables, and chili. Smooth and flavorful, many patrons are willing to wait for it.

2. Chong Yen Steamed Fish

Ask the neighbors around Chan Sow Lin area for the best steamed fish, they will sure to point you to this place. Many are willing to travel far just to enjoy steamed fishes here; fresh ‘Bighead’ Carp fishes were used for cooking, the owner ensures that they were bought fresh daily. Offers two different steaming styles – normal or sauce, pick your choice!

3. Cheras Flat Steamed Fish Head

Just located on the same row with Woo Pin fish head noodles here, they are usually crowded with patrons that come all the way to the steamed fish head. The fish is cut in half so that it steams evenly and you’ll get to taste the juicy and fresh steamed fish head perfectly.

4. Mun Kee Steam Fish Head

Located at Happy Garden here, they are known for the steamed fish head and curry fish head as well. Comes in various cooking style of minced ginger, black bean paste sauce, Assam sauce and few more to try. Looking at most tables, many preferred the steamed fish head as you’ll taste the best of it. Plus they do have a few fish choices to choose from, worth the try!

5. Thim Kee Eating Stall

Operated for decades here at Pudu, the famous signature dish here is the deep fried tilapia fish in bean paste. Deep fried until golden crunchy, it is so crunchy that you can even chew on the bones. Fish meat remains juicy, totally worth the try; while the steamed fish head comes in 6 different cooking styles and most ordered would be the herbal steaming style as it is aromatic and nutritious.

6. Ong Lai (Goh Kee) Restaurant

Located quite hidden and only operated on the evening, come to Jalan Raja Laut for their steamed fish head dish. Operated for more than 4 decades, many known international artists had even visited them for the food! Extensive choices to choose from, the steamed fish head are topped with lots of vegetables, chili and pork slices. 

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