6 Hot & New Restaurants in Sri Petaling- Part 1
Sri Petaling has always been a hot spot for food lovers, especially the long stretch of shop lots beside the Store Shopping Centre, where a great number of restaurants can be found, offering almost all kinds of cuisine you can think of. In recent months, the construction of a few new commercial blocks is completed, giving rise to a new wave of hot and interesting eateries in Sri Petaling, including some well-known restaurants from Johor, such as Moonlight Cake House and Yi Jia Seafood Restaurant.
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Let’s take a look at some of the new restaurants in this area. They might become the next big hits! (The restaurants below are arranged in no particular order. Some of the establishments are not halal.)

1. Minamotonoya

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This new Japanese style café has recently caught the attention of dessert lovers with their super cute Water Mochi. The Water Mochi is round and transparent like a crystal, and it’s made of pure and clean water. The texture of the mochi is like pudding. You need to eat it with natural soya bean powder to add a light sweetness to it. Apart from homemade desserts, most of the dishes here are also homemade from scratch by the main chef using healthy and natural ingredients. Some best-selling items here include Bacon Egg Sandwich, Wafu Aglio Olio, and Fried Cheese Pork Chop Spaghetti.

2. Moonlight Cake House

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Occupying a gigantic corner shop lot, Moonlight Cake House is a well-known café and bakery hailed all the way from Johor. Walk into this beautiful shop and be greeted by a sumptuous spread of freshly baked breads and cakes. The variety of breads and cakes offered here is simply mind-blowing. Cakes in all kinds of shape and flavor can be found here, including a small section that is dedicated to only durian-flavored products, including durian-shaped cake, durian macaroon, durian puff and durian roll. What’s more, there is a spacious seating area on the first floor where you can order some delicious local and Western dishes.

3. 103 Coffee Workshop

103 coffee workshop, cafe, black coffee, japanese food
103 Coffee Workshop is a new addition to the café scene in Sri Petaling. The café’s interior is designed in industrial style with exposed concrete walls and white brick walls. The black coffee here is brewed using three different methods, including chemex, pour over, and aeropress. Each method brings a slightly different taste to the aromatic coffee. The menu here features a good selection of Japanese dishes with a Western twist. A must-try is the mouth-watering Unagi Don, which is a bowl of rice topped with grilled eel slices, egg slices, and pickles.

4. Grand Shanghai Banquet

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If you are familiar with Puchong area, you might have heard of Grand Shanghai food court at Setiawalk Mall. This new Chinese restaurant bearing the same name belongs to the same group of restaurants. The décor of the restaurant is impeccably designed in royal Chinese style with golden ceiling and wallpaper. If you visit here in the morning, do try their signature Baked Bun with BBQ Pork and Shanghai Xiao Long Bao. If you come here for a lunch or dinner, you can also find a wide selection of freshly cooked dishes, such as Braised Pork Belly, Claypot Freshwater Prawn Noodle, and Seafood Fried Noodle with XO Sauce, to tease your palate.

5. Hoji & Matcha

hoji & matcha, dessert, green tea, sri petaling
As its name suggests, Hoji & Matcha is a new dessert shop specializing in Japanese matcha green tea desserts. Walk into this shop and you’ll be pleasantly greeted with lots of delicious snacks imported from Japan, including the much loved Kit Kat in various flavors. The specialty dessert here is the Matcha Parfait, which is served with a wonderful combination of red bean paste, green tea gelato, vanilla ice cream, green tea jelly, mochi, cereal and biscuit. If you are a lover of gelato, do give their gelato ice cream with special flavors a try, such as Shoyu and Yuzu Gelato.

6. Menya Zen

menya zen, udon, soba, japanese, sri petaling
Good news for udon lovers staying in Sri Petaling area! Now you can savour authentic Japanese udon at this new specialty shop. The restaurant is designed in simple and clean Japanese style with wooden walls and furniture. The menu is pretty simple too. For udon or soba noodles, customers have a choice of hot noodles (Atsuimen) or cold noodles (Hiyashimen). For hot noodles, popular choices include Kinoko Udon served with Japanese kinoko mushroom and XO Sauce Udon with soft boiled egg, cucumber slices, and XO sauce. For those who like cold noodles, try their Oroshi Ume Soba with a Japanese plum. It is simple yet tantalizing. Click here to check out another article about the best foods in Sri Petaling.
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