6 Delightful Foods Nearby Glenmarie's KDU University College
KDU University College isn’t exactly strategically placed whereby malls and eateries are easily accessible unless through a significant amount of driving. Thank god for the Glenmarie campus — a new mall, Utropolis, has opened in late 2015, giving students the opportunity to savour food outside of their cafeteria.

If you don’t mind a small drive, there are other eateries few kilometres away from the school too! Shall we head down now?

1. Little Fat Duck 
Unfortunately, there aren’t any fat ducks here, but the good news is they have some pretty palatable food. From Monday to Friday, they have a different kind of pasta as “the pasta of the day” — and it only costs RM5! Yes, you heard that right — and for only a few more ringgit, you can have it upsized. The Chicken Confit will leave you breathless with how tender the meat is; to the point even a plastic spoon can easily do the job.

2. Oiso 
This cosy, pleasing-to-the-eye halal Korean café sees students flocking in every single day. They offer just about everything standard you’d find in most Korean restaurants, except with a better and enriched taste. All recipes for their dishes are actually homemade by the Korean founder. We particularly recommend the Kimchi Fried Rice — it’s possibly the best one we have had!

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When there are students, there are hipster cafés. This café may not have the pretty interiors, but it has the ambience and good food that many students would crave for. The best part? They’re considerably cheaper compared to the usual fare in other cafés. Plain water is served free in a glass bottle. Need a moody boost? A hearty plate of Salted Egg Fries will do you right.

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Sushi Q is the best and most convenient place to fix your sushi and ramen cravings at affordable prices. There’s no reason you can be crossed by a peachy bowl of Shoyu Ramen, after all. Did we mention they also offer a variety of salmon sashimi? All freshly prepared everyday too! You get to savour them with different toppings that include mentai, spicy mentai and mango slices.

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The thing that delights us the most about this café is their Graffiti Latte — a cup of coffee with “graffiti” presented at the surface in an artistic style. We’re sure you’d find it hard to muster the will to drink it because it’s so pleasing. The food is just as remarkable, with outstanding presentation and impressive flavours. Everything is worth a try here.

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A cat-themed cafe that serves appetizing desserts and bubble tea?! It’s real! Nala’s Dessert House presents desserts that may feel and taste familiar to you if you’re a huge fan of Taiwanese desserts. For a small shop, their menu is rather diverse — a calling to all sweet food lovers to go wild! They also have seasonal offerings for particularly their drinks, so make sure to keep an eye out for their updates. 

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