6 Delightful Desserts & Beverages at Sunway Velocity!

Tons of food awaits you there, bet you still have space for dessert and drinks! So many choices to choose from especially they are adding more new selections for you to choose from too. Tired after shopping and feeling thirsty? Let’s try these out then!

1. Satu Dessert 

Many patrons queue for the tong sui here and you’ll see most of the patrons ordered the traditional egg custard, ‘Dou Fu Hua’, or the double skin milk. Apart from that, the peanut puree or barley with ginkgo nuts and beancurd sheet soup were recommended too.

2. Kiss The Tiramisu 

A Korea famous dessert brand can be spotted in Sunway Velocity too. Tiramisu soft serve with layers of ingredients, it started off with mascarpone cheese, ice cream, crushed cookies, coffee liquor, cocoa powder, and more mascarpone cheese, topped again with ice cream, cocoa powder and tops off with chocolate shavings. Smooth and creamy, a great top notch dessert to enjoy here.

3. Red Nose Honey

Photo credit: Red Nose Facebook

Uses honey as its main ingredient, come here and enjoy some healthy yogurt soft serve and the signature fruit honey blended beverages. Soothing and healthy natural honey, you’ll enjoy the soft serve that is served with fresh fruits. A great snack choice for sure!

4. Teaaroi

Photo credit: alex.bearbear, freelife_hope

Looking for beverages to quench your thirst? Originated from Thailand and now available here, most of the tea ingredients are imported from Thailand and thus you’ll get to taste the best authentic Thai teas for sure! Thick, creamy and not overly sweet Thai coffee is recommended too.

5. Xugar

Photo credit: c_queen_chris, jakezai_yogi

Handcrafted churros and soft serve will never get you wrong. Be it normal churros stick or churros loop, with fillings, or toppings – what about churros loop with their signature soft serve? Hot and cold, soft and filled with toppings; they are indeed to die for. So much satisfaction in a cup, try them out!

6. Regiustea

A new fusion of tea and cheese foam indeed a hit around the Klang Valley here. A recent hit in the market, come here for the cheese foam tea. Ranging from tea series like jasmine green tea, Uji matcha, coffee, chocolate or the Taiwanese milk tea available as well; what’s better? They have the smooth and creamy durian cheese foam too! 

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