5 Restaurants for the Famous Spicy Soup!

Craving for something soupy but could warm you up and spicy at the same time? Always opt for the famous Spicy Soup where many would surely tell you about the ones from Kajang! A pot of spicy soup that has all sorts of ingredients in it like chicken meat, pork meat, pork stomach, pork intestines, liver and more, where shall we begin with? Let’s check these out!

1. Fatty Hot & Spicy Soup  

A home-based restaurant that’s located beside a complex named ‘Hugo Kajang’; usually crowded with patrons early in the morning until lunch hours, no doubt that they are all here for the spicy soup! The spicy soup here is spicy with a hint of sweetness due to the meat in it, plus must order the Chinese wine chicken (Hua Diao Chicken), and the Spicy pork meat. If you are a fan of the intestines, then do order the braised intestines.

2. Tenhub Restaurant

If you’re lazy to drive all the way to Kajang, then head to Yulek, Cheras instead. Come over to Tenhub Restaurant as they do serve the famous spicy soup. what’s better is that they have something special – Spicy Soup Pan Mee! The spicy soup here is mildly-spiciness but sweeter instead due to the secret ingredient used. Other than that, do order spicy meat, chicken with wine vinegar pork knuckles, and many more choices from the extensive menu!

3. Kien Kee Restaurant  

Another famous place for spicy soup goes to Kien Kee at Sri Kembangan area here. This place is filled up fast especially during lunch hours, which is why you got to be here earlier if you’ve been craving badly for the spicy soup. Uses Kampung Chicken, spot on pork meat as well like liver, intestines or stomach. Lots of pepper were used in it, thus it is spicier too! Kien Kee serves chicken rice wine too, which is one of the specialties here as well.

4. Siaw Kah Restaurant

Uses a lot of ginger slices, pepper, and preserved vegetables to make this soup, ingredients like pork belly, liver, kidney and even Kampung chicken meat is used in it thus making the soup even more flavorful. The peppery taste is good that it makes us feel soothing and warms the tummy up too. You might want to add on some other orders, do remember to try the homemade spring roll that is made up from meat, carrots, radish and five spice powder then deep fried. Totally mouthwatering!

5. Kee V Restaurant  

Though some might visit Siaw Kah, Kee V too has its own fans that flock them up frequently.  Filled up with ginger slices and pepper, add enoki mushrooms into it if you fancy eating them together. Pork and chicken meat surely make the soup tastes better without a doubt. Plus you’ll notice many tables ordered the spicy meat, Chicken with Chinese wine, and the famous spring roll.

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