5 Incredible Breakfast Platter in Klang Valley
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Getting up early and feeling lazy to make your own breakfast? No worries! These places will make your mornings even greater than it ever was! You will be surprise that morning can feel this good! Here are 5 places you can find these delicious breakfast meals in the Klang Valley: (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

There are many restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that serves German Food, but at Brotzeit, you will be able to taste some of these specially crafted authentic and typical German and European cuisines cooked by German chef. Brotzeit which is a combination of 2 words 'Brot' which stands for Bread and 'Zeit' which stand for Time refer to small meal or snack accompanied by beer. The decor offers a nice ambiance for diners while the unique wall design depicts the beer making process of German Breweries to give you a more German hospitality. Their best seller would be the special Brotzeit Signature Breakfast. They also have the Hang over Breakfast, combo platter of Gouda & Emmental Cheeses, Spicy Chicken sausage and Pork Cheese sausages. What are you waiting for? Get here first thing in the morning!

2. D'Lee Deli @ Casa Tropicana

The setting at DLee Deli @ Casa Tropicana is one of a casual setting, which offers patron a nice place to hang out especially if you have a love affair with sweet stuff or after meal desserts. Their signature dish is the Soft Shell Sandwich with Wasabi Aioli; all the sandwiches at D'Lee Deli are tri-tip Panini bread served with salad and oven baked potatoes. The combination is one that gives you the slight pungent wasabi mayo taste that blended with the fried soft shell. They also have new Waffles Big Breakfast set that serves at all time every day! Be sure to try out their delicious Western food here while you’re having a gathering with friends in this Western restaurant!

3. Espression 8 Cafe @ Bandar Sunway

Catering to the affluent market and the students from Sunway University in PJ, the demand for gourmet coffee and Western food has seen a steady rising demand. Espression 8 with its array of dishes and drinks are a hit for this market. Their signature breakfast meal is the Espression 8 Hearty Big Breakfast. The portion is large and it’s very filling and satisfying! On top of that, their Mango Yoghurt Frappes is very delicious as it was strongly packed with mango taste. Other dishes served include Roasted Pumpkin Soup, Chicken Wrap Benedict which consists of Omega Eggs, Chicken Breast, Tortilia Bread, BBQ Sauce, and Roasted Vegetable. Whether you’re a student or not, it’s highly recommended to come over here and grab a bite! The taste is guaranteed satisfaction to your stomach.

4. Mono Coffee @ Publika

Coffee lovers are now spoilt for choices as recently the trend to start artisan cafe which brews some of the best of best coffee is mushrooming in the Kuala Lumpur. On entering Mono Coffee Publika Solaris, you will be greeted to a comfortable reception, with a soft lighting that exudes the feel of a relaxing atmosphere and ambience. One of their specialties is the Beef and Hashed Benedict which is loaded with corned beef, grated potatoes, and a poached egg and garnished with sprinkles of pea sprout on a spiced hollandaise sauce. Feeling mouth-watery already? Well it’s normal, then hurry up and get one of it today and fix your cravings!

5. Neroteca @ Plaza Damansara

Neroteca is a newly open restaurant in KL that serves Italian Food. The setup is one that exudes the fine dining decor; it gives the diners a feel of top of class restaurant in this quiet neighbourhood. Necoteca practices like the saying goes Eat Breakfast like a King; Necoteca offers the Big Breakfast set that consists of Two Eggs with Smoked Pancetta, Streaky Bacon, Italian Sausages, Sauteed Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms, Baked tomato, Re-fried Beans & House Toast. If a Big breakfast is too much for your stomach in the morning, you could consider another breakfast option which is the Pan Baked Beans, Eggs & Bacon Bits. For something lighter; you may want to try the French Toast Breakfast. Great news to the boyfriends that have no idea where to bring your girlfriend! This place is so great that you can consider taking your partner to this romantic place for a bite!

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