4 Amazing Restaurants to Discover in Nexus at Bangsar South
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Set amidst the iconic Bangsar South, Nexus perfectly complements the integrated city development as a new lifestyle destination with a wide array of gastronomic delights, specialty retail stores, wellness services and banqueting facilities. There are 4 amazing restaurants that are founded in Nexus. Why don’t we begin food hunting with the help from one of the top online foodie– Isaac Tan for these mouthwatering recommendation from him? (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Eau De Vie

 Eau De Vie, Japanese food, Ramen Kanbe, Empire Damansara
Eau De Vie's patrons can dine in the warmly lit yellow lights inside or chill out at their spacious al-fresco area that furnished with wooden fixtures outside. Inside, they offer a spacious VIP room as well, with huge sofas and flat screen TV. Food recommended are some highlighted dishes such as Mariniere, Chef’s Special Beef Ribs and Grilled Lamb Cutlets.
 Eau De Vie, Japanese food, Ramen Kanbe, Empire Damansara
Mariniere is a bowl of Tasmania Black Mussels cooked in white wine sauce and shallot, garlic, butter and parsley, served with some bread. The Chef's Special Beef Ribs and Grilled Lamb Cutlets, both looking real good even before I chomp down on the meat. The beef ribs are slow braised, served with potato salad, corn-on-the-cobs, buttered vegetables. Love the generous portion. Served with garlic mash, minty salad and baked caramelized pear with rosemary garlic reduction, treat your senses to a wonderful culinary experience with the perfectly grilled tender Australian lamb cutlets.

2. Souled Out

SOULed OUT Bangsar South is a restaurant showcasing a cozy, relaxed ambience during the day, churning out dishes such as Crumbed Fish Sandwich, Classic Homemade Beef Burger, Caesar Salad, etc. for casual dining. As evening falls, soulful spirits arise to keep the night going. Food recommended a few dishes such as Cheese Nachos, Mango Prawn Salad and Summertime Salad.
Souled Out, Western food, Nexus,  Bangsar South
We kick started our feast that evening at SOULed OUT Nexus Bangsar South with a rather large platter of Cheese Nachos. Strictly meant for sharing, unless you have a really big appetite. We got layers of crispy corn chips, towered up with cheese, jalapeno peppers and Mexican salsa. The Mango Prawn Salad and Summertime Salad served by SOULed OUT has that cocktail of taste that delights the senses. The Mango Prawn Salad is made of succulent prawns, plump mangoes, avocado slice in a zesty dressing while the Summertime Salad has grilled seafood, orange segments, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, croutons tossed with homemade vinaigrette dressing.

3. Chili Espresso

Chilis Bangsar South is inspired by the old pre-war shop houses in Penang, the bright bold red walls had cute art renditions of children and nature in a cheerful mode enjoying a cup of coffee or slurping noodles. A beautiful frangipani tree stood out at one wall. The art is further emphasized by the addition of 3D fixtures all over. Food recommended are a few delicious dishes such as Mango, Chicken & Jicama Salad; Apple Banana Crumble.
Chilis, Tex-Mex Style food, Nexus,  Bangsar South
Salad lovers will love these two variations whipped up by Chili ESPRESSO. Now I'm not usually a salad guy, but I did like the Mango, Chicken & Jicama Salad. The very sweet mangoes make up the bulk of my enjoyment of this dish. Add in a mix of grilled chicken, crunchy jicama batons, mixed greens with pea shoots, crispy tofu pok, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, aromatic sesame seeds and a sweet and tangy hoi sin sauce and you have a good fun starter dish. We ended our meal at Chili ESPRESSO NEXUS Bangsar South with their sweet Apple Banana Crumble. Simple, yet satisfying, the pairing of apple and banana in a dessert is a rather surprising mix. Do remember to check out their outlet the next time you are at NEXUS Bangsar South!

4. Dao Xiang

Dao Xiang, Chinese food, Nexus, Bangsar South
Dao Xiang is still on my quest to explore Nexus Bangsar South, this time around I ended up at a surprisingly good chinese restaurant, Dao Xiang, serving really nice Shunde cuisine from the Guangdong province in China. It was my first time trying this cuisine, and I must say, it left a lasting impression on me. Check out below on what we had that evening. Food recommended are a few dishes such as Chicken Feet in Herbal Soup and Stir Fried Black Fungus
Dao Xiang, Chinese food, Nexus,  Bangsar South
Up next, some very healthy soup, the Chicken Feet in Herbal Soup. Love the soup, not quite the chicken feet as I'm not a big fan of it. I found the combination of pan fried pepper and lotus root to be really interesting. Crunchy, savoury, with a nice texture and after taste, it's a good bite before the mains. Another interesting dish whipped up by the chef from Dao Xiang would be the Stir Fried Black Fungus. Served in a sauce akin to the ones in the sauteed cucumber appetizer, I like how the black fungus has that 'crispiness' to it. Not bad at all. Original source from Isaac Tan

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