14 Food to Try at IOI City Mall!
It's been a while isn't it that you have not visited IOI City Mall? More and more eateries are expanding there, here are some of the latest that you need to know!

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Inside Scoop has expanded their foot steps here too. Undeniably great ice cream parlor to visit, drop by here for the waffles or some premium handcrafted ice creams like Durian flavor that is truly one of the best sellers, chocolate, horlicks, cendol and more to choose from! 

Dual tone drinks are surely many favorites as they looks so dreamy and too good to look at! It has been a hype throughout the Klang Valley and finally now in IOI City Mall too. Pick from the best sellers like Butterfly series, Cloud series, Fruit series or the Tea series. Not just serving in bottles, you can choose to have them in a bulb-shaped bottle too!

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Papaya milk, anyone? A known drink from Taiwan and now here, you'll be surprise that they actually tastes delicious until the last sip!

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Cheese drink or the cheese foam were surely a hot mess right now. Not because you'll foam your lips up, but they are surely one of the best combo in a cup of tea or coffee! As famous as it is, they are now available here too.

Cookies and coffee, such a great grab and go combo. Freshly baked cookies that are surely crunchy and chocolatey, comes in several flavors too. Check them out. 

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Undeniably delicious cheesy drinks and cheese foams, come here for the fruit tea too. Uses fresh fruit and natural sweetness, they are a well-known brand from Hong Kong! Smooth and worth the try, make sure you order yours too.

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Who's a fan of GongCha like us? Hands up! A must try Signature Winter Melon, they have a unique pearl that is known as the White Pearls, add them into your drink and you'll know what we mean. Wide selection of teas to choose from, thirst quencher for sure.

Another bakery from Taiwan, they are known for the fluffiness of the
breads here, plus recently they have launched a new bread series of - 'Dirty Bun' where it is dusted with chocolate powder and filled with melted chocolate inside, guaranteed to look dirty when you eat it messily! What are you waiting for?

Go Noodles, another famous Chinese noodle that you might have to queue up to 20 minutes for a table, many patrons will never skip the chance to enjoy a bowl of warm and comforting Mi Xian! Famous for the busting meatballs, one will never leave Go Noodles without trying it.

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What is the hype for it? You surely have to queue up for it. So many patrons are seen patiently waiting for a table, come here to try the fried chicken as you can pick from 7 available flavors and everything Korean here shall not be missed!

Looking for some fried spaghetti and something that's good for sharing? Pick from fish & chips or chicken chop and a few more choices to from the menu, Spag & Ju is the place to be for something quick yet delicious!

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Dolly Dim Sum are known for their Halal Dim Sum that will surely make you drool, come here for some essentials like 'Siu Mai', Custard buns, Shrimp 'Har Gaw', and other delicious bites, everything you needed at anytime of the day, Dolly Dim Sum has it all!

Craving for some slurpy ramen? Come here for some fusion ramen apart from the usual flavors of Shoyu, Shio, or Miso - right now they have Nyonya style, Thai, or even the Sichuan Ramen! Come here and try it!

Something to share? Why not? To cool off the heat or to enjoy it with friends and family as they are served in a big bucket, it is mainly about gigantic bucket filled with ice blend and fillings like fruits or titbits according to the flavor. What are you waiting for?

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