10 Worth Trying Restaurants at Kampung Attap KL!
Petaling Street may be a familiar landmark in KL but do you know nearby to it is Kampung Attap? Filled with eateries that had been there for decades and still frying the best in a plate for you, these eateries are surely worth the visit afterall!

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Mun Wah had been operating since the 1960's and still going strong until today. Their signature Hokkienhas have a lot of ingredients like the sliced pork, pork liver, prawns, vegetables and fried pork lard. The noodle is served best with their Sambal Chili Sauce which is homemade, usually crowded at night, come for the Hokkien Mee!

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Kai Kee is at the same row of shops with Mun Wah, just a few shops away. They have been in business for 40 years already. This is place is one of the favourite for supper as they are opened till 3.00am. The curry noodle and the steamed chicken are their signature that is attracting the food-lovers to come over. Smooth and delicious, really worth the try!

The Taste of Love is opened in an old house of more than 50 years at Jalan Choo Cheng Khay. The design of the restaurant is cozy and the food selections are quite limited. The mains, desserts and coffees are available and made very delicately. The signature of the shop is the Nasi Lemak which the rice is made with the butterfly pea flowers and it is much healthier compared to the cooking of the rice with coconut milk.

Xi Huan Lai Wanton Mee is at the same road with Taste of Love and the resident of the area love to head there for breakfast. Their signature of the shop is their Wanton Mee and the Herbal Soup Chicken is also a favourite of many people as it is not too salty and soup is very delicious. Many patrons will come here early in the morning to get their breakfast fixed!

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Café Café faces the road but they design their shop with plants to hide away the city environment. They are a French Restaurant designed with full of European feel and it is very romantic at night when the dim light is on in the restaurant. Romantic and good for dates, they also serve authentic French cuisine like the Pan Seared Foie Gras and Burgundy Cheeks of Wagyu, surely a great choice to enjoy something 'atas' here!

The Indian style curry is very famous and during lunch time the shop would be packed with people. Some of the favourites are the Red Snapper Fish Head Curry with Bean Sprout, Cabbage, Dried Tofu and ladies fingers, spicy and just like how it should be, totally appetizing!

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Piu Piu Piu is at the second floor of the Zhongshan Building, small café but the café is perfectly equipped. The design of the café is quite a hipsterish style, they do have a book shop and an open air dining area. This place is tranquil and serene as it is very different from some of the cafes as they have a book shop here. You can get to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, cake, and sandwiches here.

TLB Bakery & Café is in the same building as Piu Piu Piu. TLB Bakery is owned by a classical musician whom loves yeast-fermented bread. The bread and pastries are all homemade by the bakery. The top recommended are the Camembert Sandwich and Burppler Foodgazer. The combination of the food is creative which gives a different view for yeast-fermented bread.

Tong Wah is one of the old confectioneries in the Klang Valley with 60 years of history. The signature of their shop is the Pure Lotus Paste (Sugar Free) Mooncake that makes it one of the best sellers. The packaging is also elegant and is different each year. Totally recommended as a gift for Mooncake festival.

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Most of you may have heard of Purple Cane as they have opened many of their outlets in the Klang Valley. They spread the tea culture and even introduced more of the tea culture in through the outlets. You get to drink teas and the food combined with tea leaves that is very healthy to be eaten too.

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