10 Still In Demand for Delicious Japanese Buffets in Klang Valley!
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Japanese buffet is a place where you can satisfy your cravings for Japanese food at one shot. Sashimi, sushi hand rolls, Japanese grilled skewers, green tea cold soba, seafood and vegetable hotpot, most of the Japanese buffets provide wide varieties of Japanese food. Today, OpenRice would like to introduce the 10 hottest Japanese buffet in Klang Valley to you! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are non halal.)

1. Maiu Japanese Restaurant

maiu japanese restaurant, sri petaling, cheras, damansara perdana, pj, kl, sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki, a la carte buffet, wasabi ice cream
There is one Maiu outlet in Sri Petaling and another two outlets are located in Mahkota Cheras and Damansara Perdana. Their menu provide wide varieties of Japanese food like Japanese grilled skewers, salmon, soft shell crabs, soba and more. Maiu is an ala carte buffet restaurant, which you order food from the menu provided. Other than the appetizers and main dishes, Maiu also provides ice creams as desserts for you to complete a hearty meal. One of the highlights is their Wasabi ice cream, do give it a try!

2. Jogoya

jogoya, japanese food, buffet, kl, bukit bintang, seafood, dimsum, western, dessert, haagen dazs
The biggest Japanese buffet restaurant in Malaysia, Jogoya which is located in Starhill Gallery has big restaurant capacity to fit in a great number of customers. Aside from Japanese cuisine, Jogoya does provide variety of food choices included Chinese cuisine, Hong Kong dimsum, Western food and Indian cuisine. Also, there are few dessert counters that serve cakes, and unlimited Haagen Dazs and New Zealand Natural ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth! If you would like to sample different types of cuisines at once, Jogoya will be a great option!

3. ROCKU Yakiniku

rocku, yakiniku, buffet, bbq, baby octopus, beef, seafood, pavilion, 1 utama, 1u, charcoal bbq, smoke free bbq
ROCKU Yakiniku first set up its first outlet in Pavilion KL and recently it has opened another outlet in 1 Utama PJ. This restaurant has smartly invented smoke suction system around the grill to provide you a completely smoke-free grilling experience. The meat choices in ROCKU are pleasant, ranging from beef to chicken and pork, customers get to savour different kinds of meats in one go. Besides, ROCKU also serves fresh seafood including mussels, squid, prawns and scallop for seafood lovers.

4. Aoki-Tei

aoki tei, japanese cuisine, puchong, damansara, sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki, teppanyaki, sake
Aoki-Tei has two branches located in Kota Damansara and Puchong. This Japanese buffet restaurant provides more than 80 selections of food, drinks and dessert varieties for customers to sample. Their menu included sashimi platter, Japanese hotpot, salmon cheese cracker, seafood teppanyaki, grilled skewers, sushi and other more. Aoki-Tei does provide free flow of Tiger beer and sake, do enjoy your Japanese feast with these alcohol drinks for a better enjoyment.

5. Sozo Japanese Cuisine

sozo, japanese, ramen, sushi, udon, tempura, unagi, a la carte buffet
Sozo Japanese Cuisine is restaurant that based in Chuka dishes (Japanese Chinese cuisines), and this is what makes Sozo special. Located in Sunway Giza, this buffet restaurant serves various a la carte menu, from the common sashimi and sushi to tummy filling dishes like Katsu Curry Don and Ramen. The restaurant also offers spacious dining environment with choices of indoor and outdoor dining areas. If you have a big appetite, this place surely worth your visit.

6. Kampachi

kampachi, japanese buffet, pavilion, plaza 33, seafood, sashimi, premium, klcc, the troika
Kampachi is a high end Japanese restaurant, aside from the food quality, the interior of the restaurant itself shows it all. There are total of three Kampachi outlets in Klang Valley, first in The Troika KLCC and the other two are in Pavilion KL and Plaza 33 PJ. One thing that customers have to be alert about is Kampachi only provides brunch buffet on Sunday. Grilled Hokkaido King Crab and Wagyu Asparagus Maki are few of the many must try dishes in Kampachi. However, the menu varies according to different branches so be sure to inquire the restaurant’s details before making a visit.

7. Mitasu Japanese Restaurant

kl, central plaza, japanese buffet, sashimi, sushi, seafood, noodle, steamboat, tempura, beef, lamb, pork free, mitasu
Mitasu Japanese Restaurant is located at the underground level of Central Plaza KL. The interior of the restaurant is creatively decorated with sake bottles, bringing strong Japanese vibes to the atmosphere. Mitasu offers delicacies like sashimi, tiger prawns, sushi, fresh oyster, udon, Japanese hot pot, tempura, beef, lamb and seafood. Mitasu is pork free as they don’t serve any pork dishes but they do serve sake.

8. Tatsu Japanese Cuisine

kl, klcc, intercontinental, wagyu, sushi, duck, teppanyaki, unagi, japanese buffet, tatsu
Tatsu Japanese Cuisine is an in-house Japanese restaurant of InterContinental Kuala Lumpur that serves aesthetic Japanese dishes. The price is costly as compared to other restaurants but the premium quality of the food worth the pay after all. Tatsu offers up to 118 choices of Japanese food like sashimi, charcoal grilled beef, Australia wagyu beef sushi, smoked wild duck and unagi with egg sauce. Also, the restaurant provides suites which is a very friendly idea for big groups of customers to enjoy bonding time without having to worry about noises.

9. Zipangu

zipangu, buffet, japanese, sashimi, sushi, shangri-la hotel, tempura, matcha, mochi
Zipangu is a Japanese Buffet Restaurant that is located in Shangri-la Hotel. It provides diners the most spacious dining environment with garden views and water features. Zipangu features variety of Japanese favorites including sashimi, fresh oysters, somen, Japanese Melon and others more. Alas, buffet in Zipangu is only available on Sundays and public holidays. It’s advised to make your table booking before visiting as Zipangu is always packed with customers during buffet offering days.

10. Sukishi

sukishi, IOI puchong, sukiyaki, steamboat, japanese, buffet, shabu shabu, dessert
Sukishi, the sukiyaki buffet restaurant is located at Level 3 of IOI Mall, Puchong. It is an authentic Japanese steamboat restaurant that offers free flow of ingredients included pork slices, chicken slices and healthy spread of vegetables, accompanied by 4 kinds of delicious soup choices. Sukishi also provides homemade sauces with traditional recipe from Japan for a more pleasing tasting experience. Private rooms are available for events too.
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