10 Restaurants in Damansara Perdana You Shouldn't Miss
Damansara Perdana is one of the best towns to hunt for food in, simply because there are so many foods to taste and things to see. With places like Empire Damansara being strategically located in the heart of the area, it’s not at all difficult to find a good place to settle at for a fulfilling lunch. These 10 restaurants in Damansara Perdana will be the ones to define your experience in this charming little area!

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Raise your hands if you're a fan of Macanese food! Fat Tea is the best restaurant to introduce the richness that is Macanese cuisine, which, essentially, is a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese cuisines due to Macau’s long-lasting relationship with Portugal. Delicacies such as the Portuguese egg tart and Portuguese chicken are made possible with the best regards to their authenticity. Fat Tea will make you feel as if you’re in Macau with their homely food! 

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Malaysia is no stranger to Thai restaurants; Baan Kanom Jeen happens to be one of the best part of the Thai culinary scene. As their name suggests, they serve khanom chin, noodles made from fermented rice and eaten with a variety of broth or gravy. Our best pick is the Kanom Jeen Set, which comes in a big bowl of rice noodles and four types of different bases to eat dunk your noodles in and eat with. You can to savour four kinds of flavour all at once!

Harajucube took the youth by storm a few years back with their attractive Shibuya honey toasts. The menu introduces different variations of the delicacy, with different toppings and ingredients incorporated in each, introducing different flavours and experience one after another. The Haraju-bomb will give you a bomb time with its enormous size and sweetness! 

The admirable ambience and good food made from imported ingredients are what define Urbano E Fresco’s character. Coming all the way from Rome, this Italian café aims to show Malaysian what authentic Italian cuisine is like by offering delightful selections that include pastas, pizzas and salads. Pizza lovers can’t miss out on the signature Roma Pizza — a baked perfection topped off with savoury amounts of mushrooms, onions, beef and capsicums.

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New Seoul Restaurant is another addition to the growing Korean madness in Malaysia! You ought to come here for the — wait for it — Korean BBQ. (Because, hey, what else?) We know nobody can resist grilling marinated and seasoned pork until they’re tender and mouth-watering. If you’re not open to pork, you’d be thrilled to know New Seoul also has chicken and beef. Now dig in and start grilling those fine pieces of meat!

Thoroughly halal, Carpe Diem has been on the receiving end of endless positive reviews from people coming from all sorts of backgrounds. The café takes on the job of delivering Korean-Italian fusion food, introducing innovative dishes such as Claypot Chicken Pizza, which — as you may guess — features a chicken pizza neatly tucked in a claypot; essentially the result of combining dak galbi and pizzas. Creative and most importantly, delicious!

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The coffee here is to die for. Roasted perfectly with coffee beans sourced from Columbia, Ethiopia and Kenya, the flavour and aroma simply can’t be matched against the coffee you have every early morning. Strong and bitter without being overwhelming; just right and enough to give you the spiritual boost you need for the day. Food here is also very good. Ice-cream and cakes come in different kinds of flavours, ready to give you the sweetness your first love never did!

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A sophisticated Japanese restaurant sits in Empire Damansara, proffering high quality and elegantly crafted sushi along with a tempting selection of wine. Zenjo presents the staples you’d find in any other Japanese restaurant. What sets them apart from others is the quality and freshness of their food. We love their Gyuniku Maki and Charcoal Soba Sashimi; both of which we highly recommend to you.

Boat Noodle takes a halal spin on the well-loved Thai boat noodles, serving them with either chicken or beef instead. We absolutely love the broth, balanced between its flavour and saltiness. Aside from the boat noodles, another highlight is their one and only dessert — Thai Pandan Dessert; a pandan pudding-like base topped with coconut milk. It makes for a good dessert after hearty bowls of boat noodles! 

Mohammad Chow makes it possible for Muslims to get a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine. This Chinese Muslim restaurant serves up familiar Chinese dishes with hints of Malay elements. We highly recommend the Kerapu Mango Fish, a piece of deep-fried fish drizzled in a sweet and spicy sauce, topped off with strips of ginger, carrot, cilantros, onions and mangoes. The combination holds a flavour that will surprise you!

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