10 Restaurants for Hong Kong Style Dim Sum at Klang Valley!

Looking for the best Char Siu Bao, Har Gaw or Siu Mai around? Bored with the one you’ve been eating around your neighborhood for years? Let’s take a look at these dim sum restaurants for some scrumptious feast today!

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1. Zhung Kong Dim Sum Restaurant

Located off Jalan Genting Klang, come here early if you want to enjoy dim sum with your family and friends. Usually crowded and only steam upon orders, get everything you need here. From the best Loh Mai Kai to the most ordered Char Siu Bao, they do offer dim sum and drinks in a package that will cost you lesser than RM12!

2. Tuck Cheong Restaurant

Operating for decades off Jalan Pudu here that is famous for the traditionally handmade dim sum, one of the signatures would be the Steamed Rice. Topped with mushrooms, Chinese waxed sausage, and chicken meat, it is not available daily but surely in demand. One of the best places for morning tea, many items are sold out by 10 am.

3. Key Hiong (Dim Sum) Restaurant


Travel to Taman Megah (Kelana Jaya) here for some scrumptious dim sum that you’ll enjoy – fried carrot cake, Loh Mai Kai, Cha Siu buns or ‘Dai Bao’, patrons are flocking this restaurant, especially over the weekends. Do try the porridge here as they are smooth and comes with fried wantan skin toppings for that crispy mouthfeel.

4. Clan Restaurant  

Another famous Dim Sum restaurant that is located at Sri Petaling, you might have heard of ‘Gai Wo Bao’ before that sums up a Bao (Bun) wrapping the Loh Mai Kai in it. Soft bun texture and gravy-liciously good Loh Mai Kai inside, such an irresistible enjoyment! Custard buns and Xiao Long Bao too were one of the most ordered food when you dine here!

5. Yuen Garden

Another best place spotted for Dim Sum, they are crowded over the weekends too. Besides the usual favorites like Siu Mai, they have quite some selections too. HK Style Chee Cheong Fun, Polo Bun, Xiao Long Bao, and their famous roasted pork – Siu Yuk! You’ll see many tables order their Siu Yuk for sure and if you’re late, it sold out fast too!

6. Sing Pao Dim Sum

Located at Old Klang Road, come and enjoy delicious dim sum at night as they operate from 6.00pm until 5.00am! Wide selections of dim sum to choose from be it the steamed ones or the fried ones. Prices were so affordable and remember to try Salted Egg Mai, Siu Mai, Seaweed Siu Mai, fried dumplings, Loh Mai Gai, Chee Cheong Fun or Cha Siu Bao too!

7. Pat Kin Pat Sun Café

A Hong Kong-styled café that many patrons enjoy sipping on milk tea and cheese baked rice, nonetheless they do serve dim sum too. Famous for the mini egg tarts, they have it in durian flavor as well. Apart from egg tarts, the Cha Siu pastry a must try. Flaky pastry crust and sweet juicy marinated pork inside, what a match!

8. Foo Hing Dim Sum House Restaurant

Almost crowded be it any time of the day, you really need some patience to wait for a table. Famous for their Portuguese egg tarts, this is indeed a must try. A lot of dim sum to choose from, do try the golden sand bun, yam fritters, Siew Mai, Loh Mai Gai and so many more hot yet steamy choices to pick from.

9. Jin Xuan Hong Kong Restaurant

Perhaps you’ve been to this restaurant a dozen of times as they have quite some outlets across Klang Valley and if you’re craving for dim sum, head here to enjoy all the steamed or fried delights! Still, a favorite of many, the fried carrot cake, lotus leaf sticky rice, steamed Cha Siu buns, prawn crystal dumplings, siu mai or even fried salted egg roll were still in demand!

10. Kedai Kopi dan Makan Seong Kee

Located at Taman Connaught and operating for a long time ago, come here for some dim sum treat. Prices are affordable and open as early as 5.30am until 2.00pm, Loh Mai Kai is soft and worth trying, while they do have stuffed Yong Tau Foo too. Famous for the homemade fish balls, it is not to be missed. Fried carrot cake here looks slightly different as it is whiter and topped with egg, but tastes deliciously good. Let’s go!


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HKTDC, HK Food in KL

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