10 New & Trendy Restaurants at PV128, Setapak
If you are looking for new and trendy restaurants in Setapak, the best place to be is definitely PV128 at Jalan Genting Klang, as many new and fancy restaurants that are popular among youngsters can be found here. Most of the new restaurants are located on the ground floor, and a wide variety of cuisines are available here, including Chinese, Malay, Western, Korean, Japanese and Arabic Cuisine.
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Let’s take a look at some of the new and popular restaurants at PV128. (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Mr. Dakgalbi

mr. dakgalbi, korean, setapak, jalan genting klang, pv128
As its name suggests, Mr. Dakgalbi is a popular Korean chain restaurant in Setapak that specializes in Dakgalbi, or Korean style stir-fried spicy chicken. A standard dakgalbi is served with marinated chicken cubes, rice cake, and mixed vegetables. Each table has a large frying pan, where you can put all the ingredients in and stir-fry them on the spot. Recently, they have brought dakgalbi to another level by adding a cheese ring surrounding the frying pan. Dip the spicy chicken into the cheese to make it even more cheesy and delicious!

2. Choo Choo Chicken

choo choo chicken, korean, setapak, jalan genting klang, pv128
PV128 alone has 5 Korean restaurants, and Choo Choo Chicken is a relatively new and poplular one specializing in Korean fried chicken. For fried chicken, customers can choose from 5 different flavors, including crispy, sweet, soy, garlic and spicy. Many regulars like to order set meals with fried chicken and rice. Also special is their Cham Chi Rice Burger with tuna fish and kimchi. They have recently launched a new product called Cup Chicken, which is fried chicken cubes that are very crispy and juicy! So go to Setapak and try out these new Cup Chicken now!

3. Haru Tei

haru tei, japanese, ramen, donburi, setapak, jalan genting klang, pv128
Haru Tei is one of the latest additions to the food scene at PV128, Setapak. This popular Japanese restaurant interior is spacious and comfortable with 2 floors of dining area. Their menu features a wide range of delicious yet affordable Japanese dishes, including Ramen, Donburi, and Yakitori (only available at night). Their signature Miso Ramen served with pork slices, egg and vegetables is only priced at RM12.90. For Donburi, one of the bestsellers here is the Oyako Don with simmered chicken and soft boiled egg.

4. Delle Coffee

delle coffee, cafe, frappe, setapak, jalan genting klang, pv128
Delle Coffee is one of very few cafés in Setapak with a vintage concept. The café’s interior is dimly lit and nicely decorated with many cool and old-fashioned items. A wide variety of drinks are offered here, including coffee, chocolate, tea, frappe and mocktail. If you’re a frappe lover, you can try their signature Blackforest Frappe with chocolate, cherry syrup and ice cream. Apart from drinks, they also offer some Western delights, such as spaghetti, sandwich, and salad.

5. Mizuka Sushi

mizuka sushi, sashimi, maki, japanese, setapak, jalan genting klang, pv128
Located beside Delle Coffee, Mizuka Sushi is a full-fledged Japanese restaurant in Setapak that offers a complete range of Japanese dishes, including sashimi, maki, sushi, temaki, donmono, agemono and yakimono. While waiting for your ala carte dishes to arrive, you can enjoy freshly made sushi that is served on a conveyor belt. Many patrons like to visit here for their colorful maki. Some special and popular ones include Dragon Maki, Mizuka Maki, and Rainbow Maki.

6. Sunny Garden

sunny garden, halal, chinese muslim, dumpling, setapak, jalan genting klang, pv128
Situated beside Six Inch Café, Sunny Garden is a new popular Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Setapak that specializing in Northeastern Chinese Cuisine, especially Chinese dumpling. The restaurant has an open kitchen, where you can see how the dumpling is freshly made daily to ensure the quality is consistent. The dumplings can be prepared in 3 different ways, including steaming, boiling, and pan-frying. Aside from dumpling, they also offer a good selection of Northeastern Chinese dishes, such as Braised Chicken Rice, Garlic Steamed Prawn, and Braised Meatball.

7. M.A.D.

mad, setapak, jalan genting klang, pv128
Meaning Modern Asian Diner, M.A.D. Restaurant is a unique restaurant with a modern look. The interior is stylishly designed in contemporary minimalistic style with clean and bright colors. The menu is also special with a mixture of Western and Asian cuisines. Some special fusion dishes include Chicken Ma La Pot, Chicken Mantou Burger, and Rendang Lamb Shank. Currently, they have 4 outlets in Klang Valley.

8. Seoul Bing

seoul bing, bingsu, dessert, korean, setapak, jalan genting klang, pv128
Occupying a spacious corner lot, Seoul Bing is a popular Korean Dessert Café in Setapak that is famous for their Bingsu dessert (Korean style shaved ice). Many students and youngsters like to hangout here after lunch or dinner, because the café is very bright and spacious with floor-to-ceiling windows. 6 different flavors of Bingsu are available here, including Injeolmi (Korean rice cake), Blueberry Cheese, Black Sesame, Mango Cheese, Milk Pat and Chocolate. What’s most impressive about the Bingsu here is that the milk flavored shaved ice is as soft and fine as coconut flakes!

9. Surawon

surawon, bbq, korean, setapak, jalan genting klang, pv128
Surawon is a popular Korean BBQ restaurant in Setapak that has been around for 2 and a half years. This Korean restaurant is spacious with air-conditioning, so that customers can enjoy the fun of BBQ without sweating. Different types of meat are available, including beef, pork, and chicken. Some meats are marinated to enhance the flavors. The BBQ meat here is value for money, as it is served with more than 10 different banchan (side dishes).

10. I Know Pasta

i know pasta, spaghetti, korean, setapak, jalan genting klang, pv128
Originated from Taiwan, I Know Pasta is a popular pasta specialty restaurant that offers almost all kinds of pasta with different sauces, including tomato, cream, pesto, garlic & chili and roasted sesame sauce. The signature Carbonara Spaghetti is a must-have. It is served with a raw egg to make the sauce creamier. Also special is the Squid Ink Spaghetti which is prepared using dark squid ink sauce. Drop by PV128 today and tantalize your taste-buds with lots of delicacies!

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