10 Must-Visit Restaurants in Taman Segar, Cheras
Taman Segar in Cheras has always been a popular destination for food and shopping, because the famous Leisure Mall is located here, and many restaurants can be found at the shop lot area adjacent to the mall. Many people like to visit here on Friday night too to experience the hustle and bustle of the night market along Jalan Manis 4.
nasi lemak, taman segar, cheras, best food
If you are new to Taman Segar, here is a quick check list to help you find the best food in this happening neighborhood! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Shi Fu Wantan Mee

shi fu wantan mee, taman segar, cheras, best food
When walking along Jalan Manis 4, it’s hard not to notice this Chinese restaurant, as the whole shop is designed in traditional Chinese style with wooden walls and red lanterns. This Chinese restaurant specializes in BBQ meats and noodle dishes, including wantan mee (both dry and soup), curry mee, and pan mee. Their signature wantan mee is delicious with thin noodles and big dumplings with pork and prawn fillings. They are also famous for serving The World's Spiciest Pan Mee, but try it at your own risk!

2. Ahroy Thai

ahroy thai, thai food, taman segar, cheras, best food
Asked anyone at Taman Segar for the best Thai food, their will surely point you to Ahroy Thai, a popular Thai restaurant that has been around for more than a decade. Regulars like to visit here for their authentic Thai dishes prepared using spices that are directly imported from Thailand. Some must-have specialty dishes here include Lemon Grass Salad, Tom Yam Seafood, and Pineapple Fried Rice.

3. Poppo Kanteen

poppo kitchen, nasi lemak, taman segar, cheras, best food
Poppo Kanteen is a relatively new restaurant at Taman Segar featuring a wide range of local favorites with a creative twist. For example, their Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah is served with fried hard-boiled egg and prawn cracker. The Ayam Berempah is deep-fried to perfection with crispy skin and succulent meat, so delicious! Don’t forget to wash them all down with their special Teh Tarik Butter!

4. Wah Kiow Yong Tou Foo

wah kiow, yong tou foo, taman segar, cheras, best food
Originally a street stall at Peel Road, Wah Kiow has opened another Chinese restaurant in Taman Segar offering the same traditional style Yong Tou Foo. Their Yong Tou Foo is different from others, as the fish paste is mixed with salted fish and flounder fish powder to make the taste more fragrant and salty. Apart from normal stuffed vegetables and bean curd, they also offer some special items, such as Dried Oyster Ball and Mushroom Ball.

5. Auntie Lora Kopitiam

auntie lora, penang food, prawn mee, taman segar, cheras, best food
Established in 1981, Auntie Lora is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood. They serve a wide variety of popular Penang hawker food, especially Prawn Mee. All the ingredients, including the fried prawns, fried shallots, and chili paste, are prepared by themselves to make sure the taste is rich and delicious. What we find most impressive is the soup. The taste is very sweet and rich in prawn flavors. Other noodles, such as Loh Mee, Assam Laksa, and Kuay Teow Soup, are also available here.

6. Restoran K.T.L.

k.t.l. kong tau lou, steamed fish, tilapia, taman segar, cheras, best food
Located beside the main road of Jalan Manis, Restoran K.T.L. (meaning Kong Tao Lou) is a Chinese street stall that is famed for their Steamed Tilapia. They use only live Tilapia to make sure the meat is fresh and tender. Apart from Tilapia fish, they also offer Song Fish Head with a few steaming methods to choose from, including Steam, Black Bean Sauce, Fermented Bean Sauce, Chili, and Garlic. Also must try is their steamed egg, which is as silky smooth as Japanese chawanmushi!

7. Dragon Door Inn Steamboat

dragon door inn, steamboat, taman segar, cheras, best food
Above Shi Fu Wanton Mee you will find this well-known Chinese steamboat restaurant called Dragon Door Inn. The interior imitates a traditional Chinese house with an open-air courtyard in the middle. The have live classical Chinese music performance too. The steamboat here is cooked in traditional style using charcoal fire. One of the most popular soup bases here is the Sichuan Spicy Soup prepared using spices imported from China. No wonder the soup is so aromatic and spicy!

8. Kaki Bola Fish Head Noodle

kaki bola, fish head noodle, taman segar, cheras, best food
Kaki Bola is one of the most famous fish head noodle restaurants in Taman Segar, Cheras. The Chinese restaurant is always packed with customers during lunch time. What makes their fish head noodles special and delicious is the special XO sauce that is added to the soup to enhance the taste. The fish head noodles here can be mixed and matched with different ingredients, including fried fish head, fresh fish head or fish paste, to suit your palate. Now they also offer steamboat at night.

9. Kedai Makanan Teow Chew

teow chew, claypot chicken rice, teow chew porridge, taman segar, cheras, best food
Occupying 2 shop lots, Kedai Makanan Teow Chew is a convenient Chinese restaurant to satisfy your cravings for both Teow Chew Porridge and Claypot Chicken Rice. For Teow Chew Porridge, they offer a good selection of braised dishes to go with the piping hot porridge, such as braised duck, braised bean curd or braised pork intestine. Their Claypot Chicken Rice is also a must-try. It is cooked to order to ensure the rice is hot and fragrant when served.

10. Inside Scoop

inside scoop, ice cream, durian, taman segar, cheras, best food
Inside Scoop, a popular local ice cream chain shop, has opened their 4th outlet at Taman Segar. Pick your favorite ice cream flavor and enjoy it in a cup, with a handmade cone or with waffles. Some special flavors that are worth trying include D24 Durian, Valrhona Chocolate, Pistachio and Salted Caramel. Now you know where to cool yourself down on a hot day!

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