10 Most Talked-About Restaurants in Quill City Mall
Located at Jalan Sultan Ismail, right opposite The Imperial Sheraton Hotel, Quill City Mall is a brand new mall linked with Medan Tuanku Monorail station. Consisting of 8 floors of shopping area, the mall is huge with many notable brands, such as AEON, GSC, and H&M. One of the key attractions of the mall is definitely its large variety of food, from local dishes to Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Western and Indonesian Cuisine.
quill city mall, kl, jalan sultan ismail, medan tuanku
If you are still yet to explore this new mall, here are some hot and new restaurants to check out! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Longhorn Steakhouse @ Ground Floor

longhorn, steakhouse, quill city mall, jalan sultan ismail, medan tuanku
Opened its door to the public in late January this year, Longhorn is one of the newest steakhouses in KL. Founded in 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia, the chain restaurant has 450 outlets worldwide, and this outlet happens to be Longhorn’s first outlet in Asia. For a starter, try their Grilled White Cheddar Stuffed Mushroom with baby bella mushroom filled with creamy yet crispy cheese. A visit to Longhorn would not be complete without trying their steaks. One of the best-selling steaks here is the Fire-Grilled T-Bone, which contains both soft tenderloin and lean strip steak. Customers get to experience the best of both worlds in one steak.

2. TOM Co (The Original Milkshake Co) @ 4th Floor

tom co, the original milkshake co, quill city mall, jalan sultan ismail, medan tuanku
TOM Co or The Original Milkshake Co is the brainchild of Afif, who came up with the innovative idea of mixing milkshake with cakes when he decided to open this stall last year. TOM Co is a local brand, and many of the unique flavors are invented by Afif himself. Some must-try flavors include Mr. Dark, Red Lippy, and Happy Toast. Red Lippy combines Vanilla Milkshake with Red Valvet Cake, while Happy Toast is a combination of Peanut Butter, Oreo, and Vanilla Milkshake with Marshmallow toppings. If you are curious about the taste of the original milkshake invented back in 1922, remember to try their Original Malt flavor. *HOT OFFERS: Student Discount 15% Off

3. Purple Toast @ 3rd Floor

purple toast, quill city mall, jalan sultan ismail, medan tuanku
Have you ever eaten a purple bread or burger? If not, you should try it at Purple Toast Kopitiam. The purple bread here is not made of yam as many people would have guessed. It is made from Purple Berry Whole Grain Flour, which is a natural coloring that gives the bread a sharp blue-purple color. The flour is proven to be rich in antioxidants and beneficial to our health. Some specialty dishes with purple bread include Chicken Grand Slam, Purple Club, Lamb Stew and Golden Chicken Burger. Also special is the Assam Laksa, which is served dry and prepared using spaghetti noodles.

4. Salon Du Chocolat @ Ground Floor

salon du chocolate, chocolate crepe, dessert, quill city mall, jalan sultan ismail, medan tuanku
After the success of the first outlet at Publika, they have finally opened a second outlet in this mall offering the same popular chocolate desserts. They have recently revamped their menu by adding more new and chocolicious items. You can choose to enjoy their signature chocolate crepe with 1, 2 or 3 types of chocolate, including white, milk, and dark chocolate. The chocolate is of premium quality, which explains why it is very rich yet not overly sweet. For new desserts, you can try the Salon Cinnamon with a variety of fresh fruits wrapped with a crepe and served with a shot of thick chocolate.

5. Gantetsu Tori @ 4th Floor

gantetsu tori, ramen, quill city mall, jalan sultan ismail, medan tuanku
Hailed from Hokkaido Japan, Gantetsu Tori is one of few ramen specialty restaurants in KL that offer pork-free ramen. The soup is boiled using fresh and natural ingredients for hours until the soup is thick and flavorful. The noodles imported from Hokkaido is springy and tender. Customers have a choice of Original Soup or Spicy Soup. Many Malaysians would go for the spicy version for that extra spicy kick. One of the most popular ramens here is the Special King Spicy Chicken Ramen served with a huge piece of chicken whole leg, Japanese soft boiled egg, black fungus and spring onions.

6. Sopoong Korean Food @ LG Floor

sopoong, korean food, restaurant, quill city mall, jalan sultan ismail, medan tuanku
Established in 2011, this outlet is the second outlet of Sopoong Korean Restaurant. The name “Sopoong” means picnic in Korean. That explains why the restaurant is decorated in beautiful light green color. Operated by a Korean family, the restaurant features a wide variety of popular Korean dishes, including Bibimbap, Fried Rice, Soup with Rice, Noodles, Ramyeon, Topokki and Hot Pot. One of the best-selling dishes here is the Stone Pot Bibimbap, which is rice topped with gochujang sauce and a variety of colorful vegetables in a sizzling stone pot.

7. Red Lobster @ Ground Floor

red lobster, seafood, restaurant, quill city mall, jalan sultan ismail, medan tuanku
Originated from Florida, Red Lobster is the world’s largest seafood chain restaurant with more than 700 restaurants around the world. This outlet beside Longhorn Steakhouse at Quill City Mall is the third outlet of Red Lobster in Malaysia. Kick start your meal with the popular Lobster Bisque, which is a creamy soup topped with shredded lobster meat. Another specialty dish is the Seafood Marinara with Grilled Lobster. It is spaghetti with grilled half lobster tail, mussel, prawn and marinara sauce. The lobster meat is so fresh and bouncy that you would definitely come back for more!

8. T Signature @ 3rd Floor

t signature, taiwanese food, restaurant, quill city mall, jalan sultan ismail, medan tuanku
The “T” of T Signature refers to “Taiwan”, as this is a restaurant specializing in Taiwanese Cuisine. To maintain the authentic flavors of Taiwanese dishes, many of the sauces and seasonings are imported from Taiwan. The noodles are also directly imported from Taiwan to ensure the texture is firm yet smooth. Some must-have signature dishes here include Pepper Salted Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Spicy Beef Noodles and Three Cups Chicken. The beef noodle is really good with smooth noodles and flavorful beef soup with a hint of spiciness.

9. Mammamia Gelato Italiano @ 2nd Floor

mammamia, gelato, dessert, quill city mall, jalan sultan ismail, medan tuanku
Mammamia is a dessert shop specializing in Italian Gelato. To entice the taste-buds of passers-by, approximately 30 different flavors of gelato are displayed at the entrance of the shop. All the gelatos are beautifully decorated and freshly made daily to ensure the gelatos are fresh and delicious. Apart from ordinary flavors like Strawberry, Mango or Tiramisu, Mammamia also offers creative and interesting flavors, such as Mammamia, Hello Kitty, Kinder Joy, M&M, Kit Kat and many more.

10. Coffee Planet @ 2nd Floor

coffee planet, cafe, coffee, quill city mall, jalan sultan ismail, medan tuanku
Originated from Dubai, Coffee Planet is a new coffee chain that offers a great variety of beverages, especially coffee and tea. The coffees here are brewed using 100% pure Arabica coffee beans, which are freshly roasted in their own roastery. The café’s environment is cozy and stylish, which makes it a perfect venue to relax and chill. Aside from fragrant coffees, the café also serves a good selection of Western and local dishes. The coffee beans and coffee making machines are also available for sale for those who are eager to try their coffee at home. Visit Quill City Mall today to enjoy all these delicacies!
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