10 Most Lick-Worthy Ice-Creams in KL & PJ
With the withering hot weather set in at full swing right now, what better way is there than to cool down with a good scoop of ice-cream? In fact, given the all-year round tropical weather in Malaysia, we don’t really need an excuse to eat ice-cream at all. That’s probably why a couple of new artisan ice-cream-makers have popped up over these few years.
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Here is a list of the top 10 best ice-creameries in Malaysia for your defense against the scorching heat! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Inside Scoop @ Bangsar

inside scoop, durian, bangsar, ice cream
Inside Scoop proves to be a game changer in the world of ice-creams. Ever since its inception a little more than a year ago, it’s success has sparked a new trend in the F&B industry – ICE-CREAM. Those fans of the King of Fruits can find a wonderfully fragrant – though pungent to some – durian flavour here. Meanwhile the Varlhona Chocolate proves to be an irresistible seduction to chocoholics. Dark, rich, smooth and intense – just the way a good chocolate should be. What’s better? Alcoholic infused gelatos are available as well! For the choco-alcoholics, do try the Smoked Cognac which is the Varlhona flavour with a very noticeable Cognac aroma. The waffles here are very good renditions too – served warm, fluffy and with a slightly crispy crust!

2. The Last Polka @ Whisk, Empire Shopping Gallery

last polka, whisk, ice cream
The Last Polka prides itself as an artisan handcrafted ice-cream in KL, spreading joy and bliss through its “feel good ice-cream”. Its claim to fame flavor is the innovative Salted Gula Melaka with an interesting local twist. The salt sprinkles collides with the fragrant Gula Melaka to produce a fun, sweet and salty taste that tickles the taste buds. We are also huge fans of the Brown Butter and Almond flavor. The smooth creamy texture coupled with brown butter aroma with a nutty contribution from the almond bits melts in the mouth! Unfortunately the physical outlet for The Last Polka is now closed. The best bet for getting its ice cream is The Bee or Whisk.

3. Sangkaya @ KL & PJ

sangkaya, jalan alor, coconut ice cream
Nothing speaks refreshing better than a fresh coconut on a humid and sunny day – except for fresh coconut ice-cream of course! Each scoop is immensely refreshing, tasting just as like a blend of coconut water and coconut flesh. It is mildly sweet and slightly milky from the coconut flesh. Sangkaya stalls are scattered around the Klang Valley – Jalan Alor, SS15, Jaya One and Damansara Uptown to name a few.

4. Cielo Dolci @ Paradigm Mall

cielo dolci, paradigm mall, ice cream, gelato
Cielo Dolci translates into heaven’s dessert in Italian. Although gelatos are very much Italian, this homegrown artisan gelato brand incorporates Italian techniques with our favourite local flavours. Now you can have your Nasi Lemak as dessert! This flavour brings the fragrant santan flavour into the ice-cream with a sprinkling of rice, “belacan” and ikan bilis to simulate the whole Nasi Lemak experience! Cielo Dolci’s Malaysian roots doesn’t just end there. For the recent Chinese New Year festivities, it has also introduced a special Pineapple Tart flavour, successfully incorporating the Chinese New Year must-have snack into its ice-cream.

5. D’italianne Kitchen @ Paradigm Mall

d'italianne, paradigm mall, gelato, ice cream
When it comes to gelato, no one does it better than its pioneer – the Italians. It is therefore not surprising that some Italian restaurants in Malaysia do serve good quality, freshly made gelatos. One of such restaurants is D’italianne. What we love is its Avacado and Baileys flavour. The Avocado taste is mild whilst its texture creamy and smooth. Meanwhile, the Baileys has a milky trace with a faint scent of alcohol. What’s better is that D’Italianne serves its gelatos on top of little ice bowls to deliberately delay the melting process!

6. Fatbaby @ SS15 Subang Jaya

fatbaby, ss15, subang jaya, salted caramel, ice cream
In December 2014, Fatbaby opened doors to its ice-cream factory in SS15 to ice-cream cravers on weekends. Flavours that it offers changes every week. Fatbaby’s bestseller is the Salted Caramel – a perfect entwining of the salty taste with sweet caramel. The demand is such that Fatbaby even sells jars of its salted caramel sauce! Those craving waffles could also up their ice-cream experience by choosing from single scoop waffle, double scoop waffle or get stuffed with their waffle sandwich with FIVE scoops of ice-cream!

7. Milkcow @ Klang Valley

milkcow, korean, honeycomb, mid valley, ice cream
A Korean brand, Milkcow prides itself in its organic soft serve ice-cream topped with honeycomb. The texture of the ice-cream is pleasurably smooth while the taste is mildly milky and has just enough sweetness to pass as a dessert. Its signature is topped with a square of honeycomb, oozing with sweet honey. For those who are not fans of chewing the wax from the honeycomb may opt for the soft serve with honey drizzles instead.

8. Softsrve @ Damansara Uptown

softsrve, damansara utama, ice cream
Presenting the ice-cream newbies in 2015. As its name implies, this one specializes in soft-serve ice-cream. Texture here is soft and smooth with a less-milkier flavour than its closest comparison – Milkcow. Here, customers can choose between the original vanilla flavour or chocolate. If you like your cereals for breakfast, then you will definitely like The Breakfast by Softsrve – mildly milky ice-cream with caramelized cereals. Churros lovers will also be delighted that it is served here with chocolate soft-serve that is tinged with lovely pistachios. Social-media freak alert! Presentation of Softsrve’s ice-cream is highly photogenic. A layer of dry ice lays beneath the ice-cream to serve of duo purpose of keeping temperatures low and at the same time creating a dramatic foggy effect.

9. Monster Fried Ice Cream @ Sunway Pyramid

monsters, fried ice cream, sunway pyramid
Monster Fried Ice Cream is also one of the latest to jump on the ice-cream-crazy-bandwagon. This newbie specializes in Thai Fried Ice Cream – ice-cream are “fried” on ice-cold slabs and rolled into presentable forms and then generously topped with toppings. Several flavours are available with a number of topping pairing for each flavours to choose from. Some of the available flavours are Thai Tea, Green Tea, Chocolate, Mocha and Vanilla.

10. Magnum Cafe @ Mid Valley

magnum cafe, ice cream, mid valley
The International Magnum Café has finally set foot in Malaysia at the end of 2014. So why should you want to try Magnum Café when you can get a Magnum in almost every convenience store in town? Well it is the whole experience of adding a personalized touch to your beloved Magnum ice-cream. Patrons can choose their preferred ice cream flavor, chocolate coating and drizzles, and choose among a vast variety of toppings. Toppings are available in quirky forms such as chilli flakes, sea salt flakes, and edible rose petals. On the second floor, Magnum Café also serves savoury food and more complex forms of Magnum signature desserts. The menu has chocolate written all over it as well – Magnum Affogato, Almond-Crusted Fries with Magnum Chocolate Dipping Sauce, and cakes with a “scoop” of Magnum ice-cream.
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