10 Incredibly Good Foods in Brickfields (Little India)!
Brickfields, also known as Little India, is one of the best places in KL to experience the traditional culture of India, as many Indian eateries and shops can be found along the main street called Jalan Tun Sambanthan. Brickfields is also where the transport hub, KL Sentral, is located. That's why this area is always packed with locals and tourists. In recent years, Brickfields has undergone a major facelift with the openings of the Nu Sentral shopping mall as well as a few massive commercial buildings.
brickfields, little india, kl sentral, jalan tun sambathanbrickfields, little india, kl sentral, jalan tun sambathan
If you’re looking for some traditional delicacies in Brickfields to satisfy your palate, here is a convenient guide to some of the best foods in this area! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Vishal Food & Catering

vishal food & catering, banana leaf rice, brickfields, little india, kl, temple
Asked anyone for the best Banana Leaf Rice restaurant in Brickfields, most people would tell you that it’s Vishal Food & Catering located at a quiet street near the Indian temple in Brickfields. After finding a place to sit, you will be served with a piece of fresh banana leaf followed by streamed rice, vegetables, curry sauces and various types of additional spicy dishes. Some recommended dishes to add include Chicken Parattal, Stir-fried Banana Flowers, and Mutton Varuval.

2. Brickfields Pisang Goreng

pisang goreng, banana fritter, brickfields, little india, kl
One of the most well-known street stalls in Brickfields selling banana fritters and other fried items, such as sesame balls, kuih bakul, and curry puffs. Located in front of One Sentral Coffee Shop opposite YMCA, this humble stall is always surrounded by customers who are waiting for their banana fritters to be freshly deep-fried on the spot. They use only Pisang Raja to prepare the banana fritters, because the banana is bigger in size and very sweet when deep-fried.

3. Moorthy’s

banana leaf rice, moorthy, money corner, brickfields, little india, kl
Apart from Vishal Food & Catering, Moorthy’s is another popular stall in Brickfields for Banana Leaf Rice. The hawker stall is nestled in a coffee shop called Money’s Corner. The way of ordering food here is similar to a mixed rice (chap fan) stall. You can choose any vegetable or meat dish that you would like to go with the steamed rice. One of the best-selling items here is the Indian style fried chicken, which is freshly deep-fried on the spot to ensure the chicken is crispy and fragrant.

4. Peter’s Pork Noodles

peter, pork noodle, money corner, brickfields, little india, kl
Located at the same coffee shop as Moorthy’s, Peter’s is one of the most well-known pork noodle stalls in Klang Valley. This stall in Brickfields has been around for 35 years. The cooking is now done by the chef, who is personally trained by Peter himself. A bowl of pork noodles comes with lots of ingredients, including minced meat, pork slices, pork liver, pork lard and vegetables. Remember to add an additional soft boiled egg with a runny egg yolk to enhance the taste of the soup!

5. Selvam’s Corner

selvam, indian food, brickfields, little india, kl
Looking for a place to enjoy delicious and affordable home-cooked Indian dishes? Head to Selvam’s Corner, which is a restaurant in Brickfields that is always packed with customers during lunch hours. Plenty of seats are available here, as there is a spacious al fresco dining area beside the stall. Customers will be spoiled for choice, because they offer more than 20 different Indian dishes, including curry fish head, dry curry chicken, whole fried chicken drumstick and many more.

6. Ah Keong ABC

ah keong, abc, brickfields, little india, kl
What’s better than having a bowl of refreshing ABC on a scorching hot day? This ABC stall located beside YMCA has been serving sweet and cold ice kacang for years. Their signature ABC is served with a mountain of shaved ice with ingredients, such as cincau, red bean, corn and cendol, that are hidden beneath. By adding 70 cent, you can ask for a secret version of ABC topped with strips of tender coconut flesh! However, this ABC is only available when they have enough coconut flesh with the right texture.

7. Chat Masala

vegetarian, chat masala, thali, brickfields, little india, kl
If you’re looking for Indian vegetarian food, Chat Masala is your prefect choice. It is one of the best vegetarian restaurant in Brickfields. Occupying 2 shop lots, this vegetarian restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Indian dishes that can rarely be found at ordinary mamak stalls. Most people come here for their Thali set meal, which is served with kootu, poriyal, masala, sambar, kara kuzambu, papadam and a choice of steamed rice or chapatti. Remember to try some famous vegetarian mutton and chicken here to make your Thali meal even more satisfying.

8. Ammars Indian Cakes Stall

ammars, indian cake, brickfields, little india, kl
Located beside Asia Parking, Ammars is a roadside stall that is famed for their rich variety of freshly made and deep-fried Indian cakes. Almost all kinds of Indian cakes and snacks are available here, including masala vadai, medhu vadai, bajji, idli, urundai, appam, curry puff, and so on. The kitchen is just located behind the stall. Customers can see how each and every item is handmade and deep-fried on the spot. Definitely an ideal place to visit when you’re craving for some Indian snacks!

9. Sin Kee

sin kee, steam rice, hainan chicken chop, brickfields, little india, kl
Sin Kee is one of the oldest and most well-known Chinese restaurants in Brickfields. Patrons flock here for their one-of-its-kinds Steamed Rice with a choice of pork or seafood ingredients. The Steamed Rice is served in a unique way, because the rice is covered by a red bowl that is turned upside down. Remove the bowl, and you’ll see piping hot steamed rice topped with lots of braised ingredients, including meat slices, fish cakes, vegetables and onions.

10. Legend’s Claypot Briyani House

legend, claypot, briyani rice, brickfields, little india, kl
Operated since 1997, Legend’s has brought our favorite Briyani Rice to a new level by preparing the dish using a claypot, just like how the Claypot Chicken Rice is cooked. At this modern restaurant in Brickfields, customers get to enjoy a wide array of Claypot Briyani Rice in a cosy setting with air-conditioning. Prepared using long grains called Basmathi Rice and a vast variety of masala spices, the Claypot Biryani Rice is absolutely delicious with a strong spicy flavor. On your next visit to KL Sentral area, make sure you don’t miss any of these popular delicacies!

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