10 Dessert Places in KL & PJ to Melt Your Heart
Dessert, Waffle, Ice Cream,Chocolates, KL, PJ
With dessert, it totally melts the heart and brings everyone closer! Let’s spend our days with our true love… FOOD! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Fluffed Café & Dessert Bar @ Taman Paramount

Fluffed Café & Dessert Bar, Charcoal waffle, ice cream, coffee, dessert, Taman Paramount, PJ
Looking for a piece of something to share? Waffles here are recommended especially if you love to have ice cream on top of it too! Known for their crispy waffles, signature cloud-cakes and handcrafted ice creams; this place would be great for a lovey-dovey date! Big Grey Wolf – With Earl Grey ice cream, strawberries and charcoal waffle. Come here for some lip smacking desserts!

2. P.S. Tokyo @ SS2

P.S. Tokyo, Soft Serve, Matcha ice cream, coffee, dessert, SS2, PJ
Looking for a cafe in PJ to enjoy time with each other? Come to this busy street of SS2, but lies within a comfy and serene café for soft serve ice creams and cakes to delight your day! Enjoy their Matcha, Hojicha or the new Wasabi soft serve, it will sure to melt the hearts of many just like how their soft serve does! A great place to visit especially during the night, as you can enjoy night lights outside!

3. Palladium Café @ Ecoworld Gallery, Jalan Ipoh

Palladium Café, coffee, cakes, ecoworld gallery, dessert, Jalan Ipoh, KL
A glass house cafe that is just too perfect for this Valentine’s Day, girls will totally go crazy over this cafe in KL! Great for selfies and photoshoot here, of course don’t forget to order a cup of coffee or a slice of cake to enjoy. A small café that gets the hype all over the internet, this is surely the place that she’ll love to visit! Let her be the star of the day and enjoy more selfie’s there! (They are located just beside Tesco Selayang, beside Ecoworld Gallery Showroom)

4. Eggu @ Atria Shopping Gallery

Eggu, Kai Dan Zai, Eggettes, Soft Serve, dessert, Atria Shopping Gallery, PJ
Eggettes are super good eaten when it is hot and crispy. What about adding ice cream and eat with it? Oh yes! Usually you can easily spot a long queue there, everyone just want to have the best signature ‘Eclipse’ that is made from twist of Vanilla and chocolate soft serve ice cream with Eggette! Not only soft serve they have, you can enjoy their Eggettes separately too. Limited spaces around their stall, perhaps it will be good to have it take away and enjoy it feeding each other while you shop around Atria Shopping Gallery!

5. Tsujiri Malaysia @ Damansara Uptown

Tsujiri Malaysia, Matcha Soft serve, Green Tea Dessert, Soft Serve, dessert, Damansara Utama, Damansara Uptown, PJ
Just recently open their doors; Tsujiri is a well-known brand in Japan that has more than 150 years of history in green tea making. Comfortable and tranquil inside, it will be a great cafe in PJ for dessert this Valentine’s. Expect to have a great taste of Matcha soft serve, Hojicha soft serve, which comes in several styles. Try Tsujiri Parfait (O-Matcha) as it is perfectly refreshing with ingredients like cornflakes, love-letters, red beans and cherry too!

6. Hail’s Soft Serve @ Damansara Uptown

Hail’s Soft Serve, Soft Serve, Damansara Utama, Damansara Uptown, PJ
Don’t you think soft serves are getting more hype in Klang valley areas? Hell yeah. Plus it is just so sweet to enjoy ice creams on the same cup together. Hail’s soft serve would be a great cafe for a quick place to enjoy dessert if you’re on a double date this Valentines; mind us, which we mean that it is V-Day and too, Chinese New Year this February! Enjoy their best seller – Osaka Black Sesame; thick, creamy and fragrant black sesame taste that will sure to entice your taste buds for more!

7. Wild Sheep Chase @ Taman Desa

Wild Sheep Chase, Vanilla Souffle, Earl Grey Milk Tea, Taman Desa, KL
Come to this cafe in KL and enjoy the ambience and their Vanilla Souffle, their serene and tranquil environment makes it just nice for a place to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. Their Vanilla soufflé that comes with choices of syrup be it Orange sauce or the Osmanthus syrup and a small scoop of grapefruit sorbet. Besides, another must try would be their Earl Grey Milk Tea! Since they are still growing in this neighborhood, thus be here early so you can look at your date longer!

8. Aboong @ Subang SS15

Aboong, Fish ice cream, taiyaki, Subang SS15
Fish shaped ice cream would definitely be a good dessert, do you agree? A special looking dessert all the way from Korea, they are still a hit in Subang SS15 here! The fish (Bungeoppang), then topped with the selected frozen yogurt; they can be messy eaten just like that, but of course, to impress your date, enjoy it together and laugh at each other’s messiness!

9. Miru Dessert Café @ Damansara Uptown

Miru Dessert Café, Shibuya Toast, Honey Toast, Japanese style toast, Damansara uptown, damansara utama, PJ
What about something different like Honey toast? Japanese style toast will sure to impress you! Cut into cube slices, served with 2 scoops of Vanilla ice cream and cream on the side for dipping. Crispy outer layer preferably the edges and fluffy toast makes it super good. You can opt to add syrup into it for a sweeter taste. Perhaps with your date there, without adding syrup it’ll be sweet enough too!

10. Ground Eaterie @ Puchong PFCC

Ground Eaterie, Kai Dan Zai waffle, ice cream, cakes, Puchong PFCC, Puchong, Bandar Puteri, KL
A café at Puchong area that serves dessert like Eggette with ice cream with cornflakes are just as special as it is. Available daily from 3.00pm onwards, this cafe’s ambience are great too. Apart from their famous dessert, they have over-the-counter cakes to choose from too. Since Puchong are known as a foodie’s haven, enjoy something sweet here and then go on for another round of dessert hunting makes it a good experience to reminisce too!
Fluffed Cafe
Palladium Cafe
Tsujiri Malaysia
Hail's Soft Serve
Wild Sheep Chase
Aboong SS15
Miru Dessert Cafe
Ground Eatery
Damansara Uptown
Subang SS15
Taman Desa
Ecoworld Gallery
Jalan Ipoh
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