10 Brunch Spots to Kick-start Your Day in Klang Valley
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If you’re looking for cozy brunch places to start off your lazy weekends, here we are to get you spoilt with some good picks. Check out these 10 cozy restaurants in Klang Valley that offer sumptuous brunch! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order.)

1. Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar

klang valley, kl, pj, brunch, when duck meets lychee, baked eggs
Putting its own unique twist on usual brunch fare, Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar inserted unexpected ingredient(s) into every recipe – "When Duck Meets Lychee" – pulled duck & lychee pressed sandwiches, sounds odd but it’s absolutely ducking delicious. Baked eggs with meatballs and roasted pumpkin served in sizzling pan is another yummy pick if you are an ‘eggy’ person! (Photos credit to theleesstar, b.hl, thedoubleeaters, yanbea1789, echeank)

2. Porcupine Place

klang valley, kl, pj, brunch, french toast, golden brioche, porky shroom, pasta
Playfulness and fun, perhaps these are the best descriptions for Porcupine Place. Try the bite-sized French Toast, Golden Brioche that comes with delicious kitchen-made citrus curd if you need a refreshing start-up for the day. Also, do not miss their pasta selections too because they make their own pastas! Porky Shroom – creamy carbonara partnered with homemade pork bacon chunks and a runny egg – heavenly good!

3. Epicuro Café

klang valley, kl, pj, brunch, epicuro, pulled pork sandwich, spinach conchiglie, pasta, breakfast
Get yourself some comfort food in Epicuro – a cozy café that emphasis on happy vibes and friendly service, it is definitely a good place to start off your day. The biggest attraction on its menu must be the high-protein Pulled Pork Sandwich, as it is highly recommended by many customers who have tried it before. For pasta, we recommend Spinach Conchiglie with Spinach Cream, starring healthy spinach as the main flavor, with punches of salty bacon and bits of crunchy sunflower seeds. (Photos credit to Epicuro USJ)

4. Good Food & Co.

klang valley, kl, pj, brunch, eggs peas, baked eggs
Focus on serving ‘Good Food’, this family-run café is owned by a husband and wife team who are passionate about good food and coffee. Serving Modern Australian influenced dishes, Good Food & Co. is another good place to have hearty brunch. They provide crowd-pleasing recipes like ‘Eggs, Peas!’ – slow-cooked kampung eggs served with own-baked bread, paprika aioli, smashed peas and crispy salami bits. One thing to be noted, Good Food & Co. changes their menu regularly according to what’s in season so do check their Facebook page for menu updates! (Photos credit to Good Food & Co.)

5. Ampersand by Culinary Rebels

klang valley, kl, pj, brunch, XXL breakfast, french toast platter
Ampersand by Culinary Rebels is one of the most enticing brunch spots in Damansara Uptown. Scrambled eggs, pork bacon, bratwursts, mushrooms, toast & tomato jam served on banana leaves – Ampersand's signature, the XXL Breakfast can satiate up to 4 customers. For people who love big breakfast, this is a must-try. Featuring Hainanese bread with pork bacon, ripe bananas & lip-smacking peanut butter sauce, the French Toast platter is delicious and good for sharing too! (Photos credit to Ampersand by Culinary Rebels)

6. Thirdwave

klang valley, kl, pj, brunch, the black scotch, darling's egg, breakfast
A great hangout place for scrumptious brunch, Thirdwave offer abundance of egg-fuelled comfort fares such as The Black Scotch (runny yolk scotch egg wrapped with root vegetable case and covered with sesame shell with asparagus spears and barley & mushroom risotto as bed) and Darling's Egg (63°C soft eggs partnered with crispy polenta, kitchen-made French rose tomato sauce and chicken salami). Do try out their more-than-desirable waffles and espresso blends too! (Photos credit to Thirdwave)

7. Frisson Coffee Bar

klang valley, kl, pj, brunch, croissant, affogato
Spend your lazy afternoon in Frisson Coffee Bar with the companion of good food. What else could be better than having a crunchy, flaky and buttery croissant as breakfast? The croissants here are served in different fashion – overflowing with Asian style spiced chicken and scrambled egg – less Western but more Oriental in general. It’s always a ‘yea’ to dessert. Try their Affogato especially the Black Forest that comes with butter cookies, crumbled cookie toppings, chunky white and dark chocolate.

8. WhupWhup

klang valley, kl, pj, brunch, cuban sandwich
Whupwhup is housed in a former factory therefore you can expect a relatively big dining capacity here as compared to other cafes. You will find your favorite orders here to be the Cuban sandwiches – crunchy toast with textured bite topped with creamy carrot butter spread. The Cuban sandwiches also come with choices like beef or chicken with cheese, if you need something more solid for a main entrée. (Photos credit to jiadli, theadamizzy, jasmineecp, food.voyage, melodykhoo)

9. Wanderlust

klang valley, kl, pj, brunch, fritatta, earl grey poached pear
Stop wondering where to wander and kick start your energetic day in Wanderlust. The café is created by the same team behind Departure Lounge, serving simple food with creative flair. You will love the Fritatta here – served warm with grilled butterfish and housemade tomato chutney – such a wonderful dish to light up the day! Try the Earl Grey Poached Pear with French Toast and Vanilla Mascarpone Cream if you are craving for something sweet! (Photos credit to Wanderlust)

10. Proof Cafe & Sky Lounge

klang valley, kl, pj, brunch, roasted pumpkin ratatouille
Located on the roof of the The Signature Serviced Suites & Studios, Proof Cafe & Sky Lounge serve effortless brunch with European charm. Both indoor and outdoor seating allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings of Sri Hartamas & Mont Kiara due to the French window design of the cafe. Start off with Roasted Pumpkin Ratatouille – a flavorsome combo with roasted pumpkin, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers & herbs – then complete your wholesome brunch with a good cuppa!
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