10 Best Impressive Soft Crepes in KL & PJ
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A truly great indulgence, they can be eaten purely with chocolate or even as a wrap to your favorite ingredients. Soft and thin, it makes it so good that it packs a punch especially when it is eaten with ice cream! With so many choices of crepes you can get in KL & PJ, you really should try these 10 places for crepes now!

1. Casa Cacao @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

Casa Cacao, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, Crepes, Chocolate
A house of chocolate, this cafe in KL is here to satisfy your cravings. Everything about chocolate, by just flipping through their menu it makes you salivate badly. With so many chocolatey food to choose from, crepes is absolutely fantastic here! With 4 choices to choose from, we’ve picked on the simple but very satisfying Simply Good Chocolate Crepes that is filled with pure melted chocolate. Surprisingly it is soft and isn’t overly sweet at all. Just too good that 2 slices of it will never be enough! Are you ready to try the rest too?

2. Café de Paris @ Pavilion KL

Café de Paris, Pavilion, Crepes, Chocolate, KL
A French Parisian patisserie and bar in KL that serves authentic French food, they menu prove them all. With their exclusive Eiffel tower steel design in their café, you would surely want to get some good food and enjoy your meal here. From mains to their signature dessert, Nutella Crepe with Banana and Strawberries, this would surely get your attention towards Nutella, isn’t it? What to expect: Perfect piece of crepe that definitely up to the ones you had from France before and yes, they are awesomely generous with with Nutella used in it! With thick slices of banana and strawberries inside, be prepared for a fork fight soon!

3. Strangers at FORTY7 @ Section 17, PJ

Strangers at FORTY7, Section 17 PJ, SS17, Crepes, Chocolate, PJ
Feeling creeped up to meet crepes here? Absolutely not. Nothing creepy, but only delectable good crepes they! Crepes they have here seem to be endless possibilities of what they could think of! From sweet to savory, you can start from their crowd’s favorite of A Hen’s Crush – pan-seared chicken, golden hash brown, sunny side up and wrapped in a chili-flaked crepe! For sweet ones, do try Dark Side – Chocolate flavored crepe, dark chocolate spread, white chocolate curls and a scoop of Vanilla ice cream! Chocolate filling in it is a no joke! Thick and good, they have so many more awesome creations for you to explore at this cafe in PJ!

4. Kakatoo Café @ Ativo Plaza

Kakatoo Café, Ativo Plaza, Damansara Perdana, Sweet Crepes, Savory Crepes, Chocolate, Crepes,  PJ
Specializes on Nyonya and western cuisine, they do have some awesome-possum crepes to enjoy here! Decorated into a colorful and cheery tone in the café, their Signature savory crepe that is filled with chicken ham, mushrooms and topped with a sunny side up is totally worth the try. Another creation of Signature Charcoal Bamboo Crepe does catch crowds’ especially Moo Moo! Grilled beef patty, cheese, salad, French fries and aioli dressing will do the talk. For a pick-me-up, sweet crepes available on the menu too!

5. La Creperie de Caroline @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

La Creperie de Caroline, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, Sweet Crepes, Savory Crepes, Chocolate, Crepes,  KL
Another authentic creperie in town that is owned by a French lady, you’ll find that dining in here is indeed interesting. By having both sweet and savory choices, they do bring in some authentic French dishes like mussels, pastas and more. Tried their sweet ones of Nutella & Banana Crepe and Crème Caramel – these both are surely something not to be missed. Soft and sweet, it makes you having them non-stop! When it comes to Nutella, guessed their chef knew that they had to be generous on the amount used!

6. Soleil Restaurant & Wine Bar @ Section 17, PJ

Soleil Restaurant & Wine Bar, Section 17 PJ, SS17, Sweet Crepes, Savory Crepes, Chocolate, Crepes
A fine dining in PJ that serves modern European cuisine with subtle Asian influence, Soleil means Sun in French. Nice décor inside and with natural lighting in, flipping through their menu and you’ll notice they have something that is mixed with a touch of Asian – Pandan Crepe with Caramelized Banana and ‘Gula Melaka’ with Coconut Sorbet. A unique dish – the crepe here is tied up and the caramelized bananas are nicely wrapped in it! Coconut sorbet was equally refreshing that brings the pandan taste to another level too. Surely a smart choice from the chef who did a good match on this crepe!

7. Hokkaido Ichiba @ The Gardens Mall

Hokkaido Ichiba, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Sweet Crepes, Savory Crepes, Chocolate, Crepes
What compliments your food after a satisfied Japanese meal? Dessert of course. What fares better at a Japanese restaurant – of course their Matcha flavored desserts. There you go! We’ve picked this Matcha crepe with Adzuki beans wrapped inside the crepe, with thick matcha sauce! Served with a scoop of Matcha ice cream, it tastes very thick and doesn’t melt fast which is just good because u can have it in every bite!

8. Foodlogy @ Viva Residency, Jalan Suppiah Pillay off Jalan Ipoh

Foodlogy, Viva Residency, Jalan Ipoh, Sweet Crepes, Savory Crepes, Chocolate, Crepes
A Casual French dining in KL that is operated by 2 sisters here serves surprisingly good French cuisine. Simple and casual décor inside, it is a best place to chill and relax with food that’s worth every penny of yours. Having top notch starters and main course, our main interest to look for the best crepe doesn’t stop here too! Known as Crepes Suzettes – sweet flavored crepes that is served with orange sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Their crepes here are slightly thicker and dense but the ingredients used make it worth the try!

9. Shimino Japanese Crepes @ Pavilion KL

Shimino Japanese Crepes, Pavilion KL, Sweet Crepes, Savory Crepes, Chocolate, Crepes
Same same but different, they are originated from Harajuku, Japan. With an attractive kiosk located at 5th Floor at Pavilion KL, even their food displays are mesmerizing. Plenty of flavors to choose from, prolly over 15 here, it is just too hard to decide. Ever wonder how does blueberry butter cake and cream wrapped in a crepe taste like? They are one of the best combos because of the cake texture and the overwhelming cream inside it makes it so nice to munch on! The cream is not cloying at all. Besides, if you would like to grab a quick bite then go for chicken slice crepe! Something filling on the go!

10. Wondermama X @ Avenue K

Wondermama X, Avenue K, Sweet Crepes, Savory Crepes, Chocolate, Crepes
For fans of durian, this is something you can’t miss! Durian dessert would be the best thing eaten after every meal! One of the best sellers, Durian crepe with ice cream! Simply amazing, they serve it in a metal container that gives it a vintage look! Durian taste is strong and enough to keep the next table patrons look over too! A nice crunch from the cornflakes and some chills from the vanilla ice cream; crepe is just soft yet thin so it wouldn’t be something that keeps you filled up after a good meal there!

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