10 Attractive Cafés to Visit in Pudu!
If we’re talking about old places in Kuala Lumpur that are home to abundance of wonderful food, Pudu is one of the firsts that pops into mind. The place is home to not only old-school food, but also a bunch of gimmicky cafés! Cutting straight to the chase, you should really consider putting these 10 attractive cafés on your radar the next time you head to Pudu.

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Located on Jalan Choo Cheng Khay, Taste Of Love is renovated from a building aging 50 years. The café is simplistic in style because that’s clearly what they’re all about — simplicity in style, made comfortable, homely and easing for their patrons. The food is beautiful and delicious; a simple combination that’s much needed for a proper kick-start to your appetite. We highly recommend their Nasi Lemak (which comes with blue rice, by the way) and Blue Sky Latte!

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Located in a rundown building, VCR takes it to the next level to provide a safe space where you could escape to your fantasies in. Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows is a beautiful view of greenery; the ambience is overall just perfect. Food-wise, aside from their sweet chocolate drinks, they have a signature cake — The King — that’s also pretty well-received. It’s essentially a peanut butter banana chocolate cake and it’s dense, filled to the brim with sweetness that isn’t overwhelming and delicious.

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A Toast is a hidden gem in Pudu. Taking a prime specialization in sandwiches, A Toast often sees working adults hopping in for lunch. If you’re in for breakfast, definitely go straight for the Wholemeal Toast + Cheesy Hashbrowns & Sunny Side-up) for a finger-licking combination of handmade hashbrowns and runny sunny side-up squished between two wholemeal toasts. There’s also a Black Sesame Toast, served with a sunny side-up and the Bamboo Charcoal Toast, served with scrambled eggs and cheese. 

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It’s not so hard to find appam in Klang Valley anymore. Hoppers KL offers you the opportunity to taste appam and in fact, it’s actually their specialization! They twin appam with all sorts of ingredients – both sweet and savoury — to create different flavours, which range anything from mangoes with toasted black sesame and edible flowers to braised and spiced eggplants, crispy okras, capsicums and white sesame. Don’t forget to pair your appam with some coffee!

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Whip Up is located right beside Ceria Hotel. They’ve been around for not too long, but their confectioneries have caused a huge buzz online. Thinking of having breakfast here? Opt for the Tropical Sunshine; a healthy bowl of goodness consisting of oats, bananas, mangoes and shredded coconut that create a combination of sweet and sour flavours. Aside from pancakes and cheesecakes, there’s also the “Do You Want To Build A Tiramisu”; essentially, a tiramisu infused with red wine and Frozen puns.

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Belgian liege waffles are the star attractions at Café 5, paired with different ingredients for different flavourful experiences. If you’re more of a sweet tooth, we think you’d have a field day with the Willy Wonka set, featuring pieces of liege waffles with chocolate fondue, slices of strawberries and bananas, marshmallows and three scoops of ice-cream, one of which is infused with salted egg yolk and curry leaves. Yes, you read that right — salted egg yolk and curry leaves. Not really something you can find just anywhere!

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At Fraser Business Park, The Bad Boss attracts working adults and students alike. The focus of their menu is Western food and the diversified selection pave way for the opportunity to spoil you with choice. Their Plus pastas are a must-try as The Bad Boss makes use of non-traditional ingredients to give them some creative spins, which include the likes of tom yam spaghetti and pasta in curried-cream sauce.  

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Bangsar folks surely have heard of the popular bakery, Tedboy. Well, Pudu folks might be thrilled to know that Em is a café that’s under Tedboy’s wing. Operating in Hotel Transit, Em offers lunch sets on the daily. Customers can also enjoy a “soup / salad of the day”, followed by a main of Teriyaki Chicken Rice or Indochina Beef Ragout amongst others, then lastly completed by a “dessert of the day”. It’s such a shame that not many people know about Em as it’s one of Pudu’s hidden gems! 

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An afternoon driven by coffee is the way to go. Silver Bar is the coffee shop you need to relax yourself at. Sometimes life gets a bit too hectic. That’s when you need to step in here and get yourself the cup of latte you deserve. Blow some steam off with their delectable cakes and croissant sandwiches. You can also buy their premium coffee bags if you fancy their kind of brew, for only RM5.50 per bag!

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Colony KL fuses Burmese, Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine to create foods that are unique to them, with visible Malaysian culinary elements. You’ll be in for a delightful surprise at the colourful menu. Each food is vibrant with character and very obviously made with a ton of effort and creativity. Colony KL is but another amazing addition that shows that fusion food can be beautiful and delicious when done right. Do note that Colony KL is only open on weekends, but they’re open for private bookings and events on weekdays.

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