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Orea Milkshake Cheese Potato Wedges
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Level1 2015-08-17
Late night after movie, want to find a place to hangout, but don't feel like fast food or mamak.This place opening hours till 12am, but they have a policy of no closing till all customer is back.Even arriving at nearly 12am or pass midnight, as long as the sign says its Open, they welcome customers with a smile as if they are not closing any time soon.Place is not exactly design with fancy design or special theme, but definetly equipped with comfy cosy setting, tables and chairs deffinetly cater for big crowd instead of small table that 3 adults will consider too cram to sit together.The coffee doesn't have any cool looking latte art, but the taste and the generous amount served in each serving deffinetly worth more than you pay.The variety of choices for coffee lover and non coffee lover, there is something for everyone.Take time to check out their DIY menu,  and read the content, you will find how cheeky the owner might be.Deffinetly an awesome place to chill, especially during late night when the mood of cooling place to chill is on and not in the mood for fast food. continue reading
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