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Air Kelapa Muda Coconut Jelly Coconut Milk Shake
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Level4 2013-08-28
This is the first time having a coconut shake and I must say I'm awed by the process. This stall was manned by 2 workers. But in actual fact, only one of them actually do the job. The other one was an entertainer and song mixer. It was quite fun looking at them. After blending the ice, condensed milk and sugar syrup was poured in the blender. Next is the water from the coconut which they cut one on the spot. Really cool! There were also coconut meat mixed in the drink. I think we were given a bit more than the uncle who ordered together with us because there were two of us sharing. But it was very generous of them. The shake was icy cool! Very nice and cooling on a hot day like that! It was sweet and rice and most importantly, taste good! There were also small slices of coconut meat blended inside which makes a nice bite. It was also quite filling due to the amount of milk that was mixed inside. But all in all it was a great, throat-soothing drink! continue reading
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