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Level2 2016-06-06
Located along a row of shop houses facing the main road. I was surprised to find a quality sushi and japanese restaurant. My friends who lived around the area raved that it was the  best fresh japanese sushi place and recommended that it was "cheap" for the quality we were getting.I couldn't wait to look through the menu. There were 3 different menus, one for sashimi, one for sushi and one for cooked food. Very soon our table was covered with menus as we had a big group of about 2 families and friends. We were offered a private room with japanese style seating arrangement. It was cosy but a bit narrow. I'm quite clumsy so it was a chore to get up and go elsewhere. There wasn't any buttons to call for service. So I had to slide the door open and yell for service.1. Sashimi Mori 148RM++ for 3 paxThe combination of the Sashimi Mori was the best! All the fish was fresh and practically melted in my mouth. You wouldn't have to chew any of the sushi. It was so flavourful by it's own. At this point, I did agree with my friend that the quality of the fish here was indeed fresh and value at this price point.2. Salmon Belly Sashimi 55.80RM++ for 2 servingsThe colour of the ikura and salmon belly says it all, "extremely fresh". The ikura was bursting with juicy goodness. The salmon belly here was so smooth, it melted in my mouth almost immediately once I ate it. for 55.80RM++, this is totally worth it. 3. Shisamo 15.80RM++The staff offered us 2 types of shisamo, one was fried and one was grilled. Both tasted the same to me but neither of them was crispy, slightly disappointing.4. Hotate Nigiri 75.60RM++ for 4 servingsThe scallops were fragrant and again, melted in my mouth. It was so fleshy and definitely couldn't get enough of this.5. Tempura Mori 37.80RM++ for 2 servingsThe tempura serving portion was pretty small and pretty much all the tempura pieces disappeared with a blink of an eye. The batter was light, airy and crispy.6. Chawanmushi Ikura 13.90RM++Definitely getting this again, on my next visit. The ikura was extremely fresh and the chawanmushi was soft, silky and almost pudding-like. The flavour of the chawanmushi was extremely good. It wasn't too salty, but yet you could taste the essence of the chicken, prawn and mushroom into the chawanmushi. They definitely got the steaming timing down to perfection.Overall : A great place to have sushi in a comfortable dining area. Just note, when the staff try to push you to buy something that is "rare", don't go for it. They got us to buy some extremely expensive shellfished sashimi that we had no idea what it was, except that the staff claimed it was the last one.. Don't waste your time. Just go for the Sashimi Mori and Salmon Belly continue reading
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