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Level1 2016-03-20
The food wasn't bad, but I think it would be better to add more meals. I would make more frequent visits. continue reading
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Level2 2015-05-18
So everyone is familiar with using your front facing camera to take a selfie! But what about a selfie coffee? Originating from Penang, Selfie Coffee is the first coffee in Malaysia that allows you to snap photos of yourself and get it printed onto the foam of a drink!This signboard outside the shop says it all! You might find it strange at first, but it's quite a lot of fun!The interior of the shop is pretty simplistic, with fake grass plastered on the walls which has lots of power points. I guess the shop doesn't mind if you use their power points to charge an iphone. They also have free wifi! We had trouble connecting to it and it was rather slow. But it was a full house on a friday night at 11pm. Yes they open till midnight on friday!Here is their cake display, what stood out to me was the mascarpone green tea cake. I only use mascarpone for Tiramisu cakes so I had to try that and of course the infamous rainbow cake. I cannot resist a rainbow cake when I see one!1. Rainbow Cake 10.90RM+The colours of this rainbow cake is so bright and pretty. The cake tasted moist and the butter cream was very lightly layered in between the sponges, so it did not taste sweet. However the top and side layers of the chocolate rice was abit hard and for kids, they will love it. But to me, it didn't add any benefits to the rainbow cake. Maybe they should've just stuck with the normal butter cream around the cake? Nonetheless, still a great tasting and good looking rainbow cake!2. Green Tea Mascarpone cake 9.90RM+I loved the red bean layers in this cake, you can also distinctively taste the green tea and also the mascarpone. I am in love with this cake and I'm definitely getting a slice of this everytime I go there!I also liked that they decorated the plates with chocolate sauce At the same time, they also use it to write the table number so that the food gets delivered to the right tables.3. Original Belgian Waffle 4.90RM+It strangely tasted very salty and though I've tasted salty waffles, that's usually because the waffle is served with ice cream or something that helps offset the saltiness. However, since this was a plain waffle with chocolate sauce drizzle and some whipped cream topping, the waffle just tasted overly salty. The corners of the waffle were crispy but the rest of the waffle was so "cake-like", I wouldn't call it fluffy. I could almost close my eyes and think that I was eating a dense butter sponge cake. This is definitely my first time tasting such a waffle. Maybe they should consider having an ice cream topping for their waffles instead. The waffle options they had were :1. Original2. Chocolate3. Banana4. Strawberry5. Mango6. Honeydew7. Green tea 4. Hot Salted Caramel 13.00RM+Even though we ordered it hot, it came pretty cold. Like room temperature, it wasn't even a little bit warm. So we asked for another cup and the owner apologised and politely feedbacked to the kitchen staff. Our second cup was warmer, but still nowhere as warm as the word "warm" means to anyone. I would still deem it as cold. It tasted ok, I couldn't taste the salt. Reminds me of a Skinny Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.5. Selfie Coffee 13.00RM+We waited about 20 minutes, during which we ate our cakes, waffle and salted caramel drink, before we were ushered into the photo booth. You can take a few photos and choose your favourite photo. Then after which, you wait another 5-10 minutes for your drink. I must say, the printer foam dpi is pretty damn good, cause it's pretty sharp!So it looks good! Does it taste good? Yes! It tastes exactly how an iced matcha latte should taste like!! I enjoyed my drink, if only their hot drinks were somewhat close to being hot, I would definitely vote this as the best cafe in JB!50RM for 2 cakes, 2 drinks and a waffle, pretty pricey I think for a JB cafe, but reasonable for the the fact that it would cost twice as much in Singapore!Service was very good throughout the whole time there, when we needed more white board markers because our marker ran out of ink, there were staff to help us grab more markers. The tables are glass and so they're pretty much a white board, which you can doodle on. A great idea, considering there would be a bottleneck of customers waiting to go into the photo booth.The owner himself, a young chap was open to feedback and was very polite and friendly. I do hope they continue to expand their menu and possibly do a selfie rainbow cake! That would be awesome! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)