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Level2 2016-07-17
We were there and ordered 2 sets of rainbow chicken rice with coffee.On quality, put it mildly, I will give a 4 at a scale of 10. And why I say so? See below.1. Rice - yea, it's multi colored with orchid, turmeric, pandan and so on. However, rarely any fragrance and it's quite a disappointing. Rice are served cold, which I do not turn me on.2. Chicken - I ordered curry chicken and with layman understanding, it's chicken cooked with curry. This shop offers fried chicken with layer of flour cooked with curry. Flour turn soggy and chicken is over-cooked. I can't tell but I really hope this is not overnight unsold fried chicken. Whether if is freshly fried chicken or overnight chicken, the taste really turn me away.3. Curry - we live in Malaysia, curry is a common dish to us and we have plenty around us. We know what is good curry and which are not. This one, added with starch to improve the gravy body. The gravy has a strong sweet note, more like tomato than curry. Perhaps someone could prefer this, but definitely not me.4. Pappadum - is not crispy enough. I give a wild guess it's a raining day and resulted moisture picked up, or pappadum was fried days ago. However, our dollar note is not drenched and we are not paying a cent lesser. It's not fair to me for paying full amount and getting a discounted quality food.5. Coffee - it's big, creamy and it's the best in this shop, I presumed. Anyway, rm 2.90 a cup and I could not think of a reason for not getting a good oneI would recommend this shop for someone always looking for something new, but not necessary something good. continue reading
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Curry Rice has been one of the popular food that Asians tend to consume. Usually, currytaste best with rice and was common to be served with white rice. To serve it with rainbow rice? I believe it was fairly uncommon. Rainbow Curry House is located in at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (Skudai area). It opensits door in August 2015 serving dishes with their signature rainbow rice. The thought of having many colours might be associated with many artificial colouring being added. Fear Not – All the colours were natural and no artificial colouring was added. We have order the rainbow curry rice as we believe it is their signature judging from their shop name. It comes with a complimentary serving of jelly. Just in case the curry was too spicy and oily, we have order a flower tea to go along.What we order:Rainbow Curry Rice (RM 8.90)Flower Tea ( RM 3.90)The curry was delicious. It wasn’t spicy and oily. It has a tinge of sweetness. For non-spicy eater, this curry would definitely be your choice. The colourful rice does not taste any difference from normal white rice we consume. I would say it taste as fragrance as normal white rice yet pretty enough to brighten one’s mood.If you happen to be around skudai area, why not drop by and have a taste of rainbow curry rice.Read more at my blog at http://www.jacefootprints.blogspot.comLocation:Rainbow Curry HouseNo.79 , Jalan Bentara 1 , Taman Ungku TunAminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor, MalaysiaOperating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday1030 – 2200FB: https://www.facebook.com/RainbowCurryHouse continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)