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Roast Duck
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Level4 2015-12-10
On our way back from a short holiday to Singapore, we stopped at Johor for dinner before making a long drive back home. Plus there is apparently a really good restaurant there which my mom had dine at before and wanted to bring us there. It was one last treat before returning back to our usual routine. The place looked really good, something that most chinese couples would have their wedding dinner at almost. The staff were quite attentive too though they seem to have a little bit of a struggle when it comes to smiling. But I guess that is easily overlooked by the ambience. Being quite popular for their roast duck, it would be qite foolish to dine there and not to order it. The roast is brought to the table whole and carved right there before being wrapped into little savoury crepes/pancakes for you with the nice sauce lathered in it. This was pretty good and I ate more than three without even noticing it. As another added treat and bonus, we got this exurbent dish. The sea cucumber, fish maw, mushroom braised in a super thick sauce that leaves you wanting more. I cannot remember exactly what fish this was. But it tasted really amazing because of the sauce it was cooked with and  just on the outside layer, it's perfectly caramelized. Despite the nice crust outside, the interior was still nicely juicy. Plus one portion is pretty substantial for a single person and eating it with rice, remember to douse the sauce over it because you know it will be amazing. continue reading
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