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Located in the busy Sutera region, is Life Cafe. It's been here for awhile even though it's my first time visiting from across the causeway. My friend who is from Sarawak recommended me to try this, as it was authentic and I was told the noodles were air-flown in from Sarawak! Talk about being true to your roots!The menu was pretty straight forward. Open it up and it tells you the history of Sarawak and Life Cafe. On the first page of the food menu, you will see their vegetarian menu. I zoomed in onto the mushrooms noodles, being a mushroom lover. The interior is rather dim with wooden fixtures and bamboo decorations on the wall. It gives you a very rustic feel as you walk into the air-conditioned cafe. Despite it's traditional feeling, they serve up modern dishes with a Taiwanese twist. There was even bubble tea and the Taiwanese favourite papaya milk drinks.The papaya milk drink had an option for sugar level, 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. I decided to go with the healthier option at 25%. It was just right. It tasted rather natural for me as I hate drinks doused with syrup that takes away the flavours of the fruit. My friend had the iced milo and I don't know how they do it, or if they blended it, but the milo mixture was very well distributed and it was smooth, almost like a milo ice cream that had melted!I had the mushroom noodles that was tossed in a signature sauce and served with juicy and sizeable mushroom slices. Served together was a seaweed soup and fermented vegetables to give you a sour combination of the dish.  I loved the stewed chinese black mushrooms together with the thin, springy QQ noodles that carried off a distinct fragrance.I would've loved to have an egg in the dish too, to add on a different consistency to the noodles. But the curry sauce for the mock chicken chop also helped! The curry itself was more towards the Japanese curry sauce. It wasn't spicy, it was subtly sweet as well. Reminded me of the McDonalds curry sauce.The omelette was thin and was more doughy than eggy for some reason. I wished that it could've been most crisp. But it had a soggy texture even though I started on it, right after it was served to us. The mock chicken chop had a pleasant umami flavour with the fragrance and crunch from the edges of the "chicken". Even for pieces that were drowned in the curry sauce, they still maintained a crispy texture throughout. The seaweed soup which was slightly bland was cooked with seaweed. I liked that the saltiness of the soup was light, as it helped offset the fermented vegetables.Overall : A nice chill out location at night, great food and reasonable prices. There's free WIFI too. Service was prompt and attentive. continue reading
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