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There are a great number of vegetarian eateries in around JB but the high-end concept choices are limited. Vegetarian food and desserts can be delicious and yummy. They do not just exist as mixed rice “菜饭”, they can also be exquisitely made and served. With the right use of fresh ingredients, and the heart to satisfy customers’ needs, these foods can be heavenly. In dessert library, customers will no longer have the common misconceptions about food served in vegan restaurants where they have limited choices, plain andboring taste, or too many deep fried items.Located in the same area as the “café village” - Mount Austin, Desserts Library makesit easy for diners to visit due to its high accessibility. For non-vegetarian, after days of feasting, why not visit this place for something green. Or one can visit it for desserts too. Dessert library has the aim to provide diners with authentic natural food, thus the useof fresh ingredients and limit its use or artificial products. Most of the food is naturally handmade by them.Entering the stall, you will feel as though you are in the library as it was decorated with high bookshelf filled with books and tables (as though meant for revision by the students). I was in the mood for desserts thus dragging my bf and his bro for a try of their naturally made desserts. We have ordered Beancurd Jelly with Watermelon 西瓜豆腐花 (RM 6.80), Milky Ice with Sago and Grass Jelly 西瓜豆腐花 (RM 9.90) & UJikintoki宇治金时 (RM 17.80).Beancurd Jelly with Watermelon 西瓜豆腐花 (RM 6.80): Silky smooth beancurd was added to fresh squeeze watermelon. It was refreshing to enjoy this desserts especially under this unbearable hot sun. Milky Ice with Sago and Grass Jelly 西瓜豆腐花 (RM 9.90): The grass jelly was really smooth. The sago was slightly chewy. The milky ice was slightly sweet but not too unbearable. UJikintoki宇治金时 (RM 17.80): My favourite! The rice ball was extremely chewy and smooth. You can have fun letting it bounce in your mouth. The pound cake was slightly dry but coupled with the matcha ice cream and milky ice, it was a perfect match. This matcha desserts was great as it does not have the bitter after taste. My favourite! I strongly recommend this.For a taste of these delicious desserts, do visit dessert library. I will definitely drop by for more and have a taste of their exquisite vegetarian delight too. For more information, visit me at http://jacefootprints.blogspot.sg/2016/02/jbmalaysia-dessert-library.htmlFollow me at instagram/facebook: @jacefootprintsLocationessert Library 甜品•軒35, Jalan Austin Heights 8/8, Taman MountAustin, 81100 Johor BahruOperating hours: Daily, 1200 – 2400Url: http://dessertlibrary.gbs2u.com continue reading
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