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Level2 2018-07-23
A walk near 15 minutes away from City Square Johor along Jalan Wong Ah Fook would be interesting if you ever explore the Cafe available there. With the good exchange rate, cross border cafe hopping as a weekend activity has turned pretty popular these days. Not only that these hipster cafes are increasing in our neighbouring country near the borders. I love the surprises thrown to me everytime we enter the cafe. Retaining the worn down and old facade, it quite interesting how their interior is furnished for the own style of cafe. Chancing by Bev C, we would not have known that the upper storey is double up as a cafe from the clothing store till we walked pass a sign stating that. Interior is pretty spacious for a fashion boutique shop with a few racks of clothing each at one side of its perimeter. With a little bit of backgroud, Bev C is a clothing label with original design since 2013. They have every piece of clothing designed from the sketch and scratch. They have a philosophy believing in "Seeking you own style" rather that cultivating a culture of "following the trend blindly". Further more adding a line saying Own your Style or Stay Naked. It is unpretentious in its rustic outlook with flooring tiled with the olden kind of 1 x 1 cm square tiles. I walked up the flight of wooden stairs with additional care as I heard them creaked and moan under my feet, fearing that the steps might be not sturdy enough to accommodate my weight. Seating is pretty limited with narrow walkways however I would say that the ambiance are not too bad. With a packed Saturday afternoon, we were ushered to the seats by the windows looking out to a big tree as well as the opposite shop houses. While waiting for the food, we inquire the service staff for the latest password knowing that the previous "giveme5dollar" has been changed. We were given yet another password that will never fail to give a smile on our face, that is "askyourfriend". Doing the so mainstream thing that everyone here does, we ordered their Chocolate Mint Pie which gain quite a number of good comments by the past patrons. Chocolate Mint Pie was served on an IKEA wooden board. The pie was totally out of my expectation for it looks so cool in its beveled minty green topped with a dark brown cookie. With a distinctive layer of mint from the top and bottom filled with chocolaty flavored pie cradled by the charcoal crust, such combination was perfect for us as pie was not too sweet. Lemon Tea was frozen in cubes and served with a slice of lemon in a cup. Additional lemon tea is given in a separate flask. Taste is rather normal. Perhaps we have more to talk about for the Butterfly Pea Cubes for that it was not very common quencher served in the Cafe. The cubes were frozen with its flower and stalks, not really suitable to put the cubes in your mouth unlike the Ice Cube Lemon Tea. It tasted a tad light and refreshing on its own. For more distinctive flavour, you may want to add the lime juice given to alter the taste.  There are still a number of Cafe that we yet to explore in that area. Each and every one has its own uniqueness. I don't mind coming back again, however given so much choices there, its more likely I would be another place during my next Cafe Session.http://www.umakemehungry.com/2018/07/bev-cafe.html continue reading
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Bev C is a unique cafe along Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, where food meets fashion. Cool forward thinking designer clothing store with cafe upstairs. Design and ambience of this unique shop are its attractive points with no doubt.Bev C was founded by Beverly and Cally. It was a place for the founders showcases their talents through fashion design and food. Its unique store designs stood out from the rows of traditional showhouses. Upon entering the store, you will be greeted with rows of designer apparels. They are really chic and pretty. You can take your time to browse through the boutique to satisfy your fashion need. After doing so, walk up the staircase to the food heaven. There, at level 2, is where the café was located. It gives a very industrial feel.Mint chocolate plate was served on the woodenly board and wooden utensil. It seems to be somehow similar to window by the sills. It was a popular must order item when patron visit Bev C. The slice of pastel-mint coloured chocolate pie was really delicious. It was smooth and chocolately with mint flavour in every bite. The sweetness was just right- not too sweet. Chunks of chocolate can be found within the chocolate mousse to create a layering texture. Mint Chocolate Pie (RM12.90)The Espresso Ice Cubes comes in three types – Milk, Chocolate & Milk and Caramel with Milk. It was really interesting to see that the Espresso shots are frozen into ice cubes and served with milk at the side. You can pour in the milk based on your preference and wait for these pretty ice cubes to melt, forming an iced latte. Espresso Ice Cubes with Caramel + Milk (RM14.90)Trust me. These two items are the “must order” if you are visiting Bev C.Follow Me At Instagram/ Facebook: @jacefootprints continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)