Vegetarian Punchoy Recipe | 素盆菜食谱
recipe, 食谱, 素,盆菜
So much healthier, this Vegetarian Poon Choy will sure to get likes from your vegan friends and family members! How? Get the recipe here!
recipe, 食谱, 素,盆菜
Ingredients | 材料:3 bean curd stick (sokaed and cut into small sections) |腐竹枝3支(浸软切小段), 250g yam |芋头250克(切块), 150g Chinese cabbage |大白菜150克, 200g radish (cut both into small pieces) |白萝卜200克(切块), 8 pcs Chinese mushroom (soaked) |冬菇8朵(浸软), 1 pc mock duck |素鸭1块, 12 pcs gluten |面筋卜12粒, 20pcs gingko |白果20粒, 100g white button mushroom (remove stems) |白玉菇100克(去蒂), 50g glass noodles (cut short) |冬粉50克(切段), 200g broccoli (cut florets) |西兰花200克(切小朵), 150g cauliflower (cut florets) |包菜花150克(切小朵), 2 tsp chopped ginger |姜碎2茶匙, 2 bowls water |水2碗

Seasoning |调味料: 1 tbsp soy bean paste |豆酱1汤匙, 1 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce |素蚝油1汤匙, 2 tbsp soy sauce |生抽2汤匙, 2 blocks fermented bean curd |腐乳2块, 1/2 tsp pepper |胡椒粉1/2茶匙, 1/2 tsp 5 spiced powder |五香粉1/2茶匙
recipe, 食谱, 素,盆菜

Method | 做法:
1. Heat oil in wok and deep fry the yam until fragrant; and then deep fry mock duck and cut into small pieces. Pre-cooked Chinese cabbage and cut into sections, set aside. (pic 1)

2. Boil water in another pot with dash of salt, put in broccoli and cauliflower to blanch until cooked; and then add in glass noodle to scud and drain all.

3. Heat some oil in wok, sauté ginger until fragrant; toss in seasoning, bean curd stick, yam, carrot, radish and Chinese mushroom, stir to mix and then pour in water, simmer in low heat for 15-20 minutes after boiled. Add in gluten, gingko and white button mushroom, braise for another 5 minutes. (pic 3-6)

4. Prepare a big pot, put cooked Chinese cabbage at the bottom, and then spread glass noodles over. Fill in all other ingredients and pour sauce over, follow with some sesame oil and serve. (pic 7-8)
准备大盆1个,先将大白菜排入盆底, 然后放冬粉铺平,再把全部材料加入排满,然后将余汁煮热淋上,浇上麻油即可。(图7-8)

原食谱来自:美味风采 Oriental Cuisine

食谱, recipe

美味风采 Oriental Cuisine
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