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Some may know Kluang as one of two landlocked districts in Johor, but others may know Kluang as a place rich with history — the kopitiam culture, the historical landmarks, the tourist attractions, the food; there are a hundred of reasons for you to take a vacation in Kluang! Let’s go through some of those reasons now, shall we?


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A single Google search of this restaurant will lead you to a thousand of reviews praising them. They don’t just prosper in food; they also prosper in a history of over 70 years. Their homemade beef lai fun has been the sole reason patrons are mad about them. The broth is as clear as a clean river, there is no greasy aftertaste and the meat is tender. For the final touch, mix in some chili sauce to get the flavour of your life!

It’s never too hard to find an experience with authentic kopitiam culture from the early 1900’s in Kluang. This kopitiam shop has been operating since 1938 and the flavours of their food have been preserved since the early days. Kick your day off with the cup of Hainanese coffee and kaya butter toasts it needs!

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Anyone who knows them would know they’re famous for their curry noodles. The aromatic curry broth, the generous ingredients that include cockles, beansprouts, bean curds and char siew — what is there to not like? For a stronger flavour, we recommend adding some of their special sambal paste.

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We weren’t exaggerating when we said Kluang is rich with history and kopitiam culture. Even this shop has a history of over 50 years. They offer two types of chicken rice — white chicken rice and roasted chicken rice. It sounds like the kind of chicken rice we can find in any shop, but this is special because it retains the original flavour of Hainanese chicken rice!

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Due to their specialization in satay, many people may mistake them as merely a satay shop. Once you look at the menu, that’s far from the case — other than satays, there are many other offerings that include finger food and desserts. Their satay selections include chicken, lamb and pork — and we highly recommend the pork satay. Other dishes you can taste here include Hokkein mee, fried chicken wings and otak-otak amongst many others.

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Breakfast? Let’s eat here. Lunch? Let’s eat here. Tea time? Let’s eat here! This shop serves almost anything — nasi lemak, kaya butter toasts, Hainanese chicken rice, coffee, etc. It’s not only a favourite of Kluang locals; many international tourists enjoy frequenting this place as well. Why don’t you make it your favourite too?

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Soymilk speaks volumes of familiarity to us Malaysians. Like other shops on the list, Pemborong Air Tahu Ah Wah has been around for a long time, specializing in soy milk and tau fu fa. To simply put, their soy milk is very fragrant — and by very, we meant very. There’s a reason why they made it to this list! They also sell soymilk at pasar malam, so do keep an eye on them.

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Even if you’re not fond of shaved ice, we would still strongly urge that you give them a chance. It’s hard to go wrong with a bowl of Watermelon Sago, after all! It’s the perfect place to cool and chill on a hot afternoon. They may not be any different from other shaved ice, but whoever said simple and ordinary food won’t cut it?

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Even in Kluang you can find the “golden pillow”, a big piece of baked bread with a nice little surprise inside — curry and meat! The meat is usually either chicken or lamb, and the portion is large enough to feed four people. Peel some bread and dunk them in the curry broth to have the treat of your life!


Zenxin Organic Park

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Zenxin Organic Park prides itself in being the largest organic park in all of Malaysia. Other than vegetation cultivation, this serves as a good place for vacation. You not only get to see many different plants here; you also get to meet and interact with small animals, do hiking or engage in archery. There’s even a hot-pot place here that uses organic ingredients harvested from the park!

Street art

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Guess what? Street art is not only a specialty in Penang; it’s also a part of Kluang’s culture! The alleys in particular are home to street artworks that are brimming with imagination, creaitivty and life. It’s a good spot to take some pictures and make memories.

Gunung Lambak

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If you’re a lover of all things nature and enjoy physical activities, Gunung Lambak will be an ideal place for you. Not only do you get to have a breath of freshair, you also can to see very unusual types of trees! There are also hanging bridges, waterfalls and streams. It’s a place worth every effort for exploring, relaxing and indulging photography in.

UK Farm

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UK Farm is the largest commercialized farm in Malaysia. This is the perfect place for leisure purposes — you can get a peek into life as a farmer here. Activities include feeding baby goats milk, milking goats, visiting the ostrich farm and experiencing the way of life in indigenous cultures there. Don’t forget to drink some goat milk before you leave!

Kluang Coffee Powder Factory

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Kluang Coffee Powder Factory has established their mark for about half a century. Almost every Kluang local get their coffee from them; even the coffee beans used by Kluang Rail Station are from this factory! If you’re a coffee lover, having a good time here is a guarantee.


Their Shanghai-styled mooncakes are the spotlight of their business, which are very different from the mooncakes we’re used to — donning a long, almond-like shape. The exteriors are crispy and the fillings taste nice without feeling greasy. It’s the perfect souvenir to get for your loved ones.

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This bakery is one of the oldest around town. Traditional tao sha piah is their specialty, having attracted attention from many locals across Malaysia. Preservatives are avoided by the owners to ensure the freshest and tastiest of tao sha piah for their customers.

Kluang Coffee Powder Factory’s coffee powder

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Visiting the factory means bringing home a few packs of their coffee! These can actually be found in supermarkets as well. Yes, it’s true that coffee varies by flavour depending on its type so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this one is extremely aromatic when brewed — so why not give it a try anyway? ;)

Layang Food’s cassava chips

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Cassava chips are a must in Johor. In Kluang, you can achieve easy access to cassava chips boasting a variety of flavours, including curry, tomato, black pepper, mustard and so on. Don’t forget to get extra packs for your family and friends!

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