7 ARTISTIC Cafes You Didn't Know Kluang Had!
What do you know about Kluang? Truth to be told, our knowledge of Kluang is very limited — to particularly the famous railway station. However, we were in for a pleasant surprise when we found out that Kluang is actually home to many elegant and artistic cafés! If you’re going on a trip to Kluang, make sure you don’t miss out these places!

This café presenting the concept of combining bookstores and cafés into one is worth a visit even if you’re not a fan of cafés. Bookworms will surely find value in patronizing this place as they fulfill a wonderful dream of having a cup of aromatic coffee and savoury food alongside physical literature. Wondering what to get? A bowl of braised pork rice or chicken chop will be enough to make your afternoon!

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The Base is unlike any other cafés we have been to — they don an extremely traditional Malayan style of interiors that will surely remind you of your hometown! Despite the retro interiors, the comfort partially proves the café’s worthiness. The food is delicious; all made with the owner’s original recipes. Skim through the menu and see what catches your eye!

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There aren’t actually 37 dancing goats at this café, but they do have some pretty good coffee! Brewed exquisitely from Arabic coffee beans, which means your nose will be subjected to a heavenly aromatic scent of coffee the moment you enter their soil. They also serve main dishes, so you’re totally free to visit in the morning for some hearty breakfast or in the afternoon for some sweet desserts!

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Anke Uke is actually a ukulele shop operated by a lyricist, but the unique thing about them is that — they serve food and beverages to their patrons! Those who are planning to buy a ukulele? Now you can do that and indulge yourself in a plate of deliciousness at the same time! Anke Uke’s coffee is very special, which we highly recommend trying!

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Take a step inside and the first thing you will notice is how Instagram-worthy the place is, perfect for some aesthetic blogging. The second thing you will notice is the food presentation. This café isn’t name De A Mano, which is Spanish for “by hand” for nothing — they’re all made with handmade recipes and fresh ingredients! Their menu is predominantly Western. In particular, their pasta is worth a shot!

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On The Road prides themselves in the fact that their pastries are homemade. Their signature cheesecakes are diverse in flavour selection — sweet potato cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, avocado cheesecake, etc. The café also has a bookshelf in which the owner stores recommended books on. Why not enjoy a fine piece of literature along with your cheesecake?

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Looking for authentic Western food? You can safely stop looking now because people aren’t praising Ritch Café to hell and back for no reason! From the comfortable wooden interiors to the creativity of their food, a visit to Ritch Café will surely prove to be an amazing experience for Western food lovers. Come on in and indulge yourself in some Western goodness this weekend!

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