10 Restaurants You Must NOT Miss in Batu Pahat
Did someone say vacation?! We can hear everyone packing their bags already! But instead of the usual Malacca, how about we take our vacation down Batu Pahat instead? Known as the “Little Paris of the East”, Batu Pahat may be a small town, but you’d have a field trip with the kinds of food available there. Let’s see what they have!

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Kuala Lumpur folks are probably used to the dry wantan mee where the noodles are blackened by the sauce. Chop See Kee’s dry wantan mee is different — they don’t use any soy sauce! Boasting a legacy of 60 years, Chop See Kee’s wantan mee is special because even without the soy sauce, the taste still delivers. Highly recommended for wantan mee lovers.

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This isn’t a shop to miss if you’re in Batu Pahat! They serve their fruit juices fresh and in large glass. Furthermore, their selection of fruit juices is diverse and they’re generous enough to even lavish your glass with meat from the actual fruits themselves! Why not indulge in some of their apam balik and duck meat noodles too while you’re at it?

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Kedai Makanan Swee Kee is one of the representatives of Johor’s food culture — you know they’re totally worth it if even the media has reported about them before! They serve delicious tonic soups. Their turtle soup is highly regarded by its patrons, with soup as herbal as it could be and turtle meat as tender as your favourite steak!

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Another one of Johor’s representatives that has a history of specializing in Teochew cuisine for over 40 years. Their kwap chap is extremely thick but they’re so delicious that it’s easy to see why Johor folks adore them once you take a bite. Paired with a flavourful broth and minced meat, one bite will send you away to heaven immediately!

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Han Kee is a rare gem — a traditional kopitiam that brews their coffee in a traditional style! Their signature is a sandwich — filled with eggs and otak-otak! Now that’s what we call extraordinary! Not fond of otak-otak? There’s a choice of fish fillet, meat floss, ham or sausage as well!

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Patrons are charmed by their pig’s organ soup. Made with the freshest of ingredients, you can savour this bowl of soup just as it is, with noodle or with rice. The broth prides itself in its flavour and freshness that comes with a slight tinge of sweetness. The best thing is, of course, it’s cheap — a bowl of all sorts of goodness thrown in and it doesn’t even cost you more than RM5! What a catch!

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These bowls of noodles may not seem like anything special, but don’t judge a book by its cover — the taste is simply out of this world. The meat is very succulent and juicy, and you can imagine how it tastes when they’re eaten with noodles drizzled in dark sauce. We highly recommend mixing some dried prawn sambal with the noodles for a different tasting experience!

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Did you know the duck meat noodles here are sold as many as 200 bowls with the usage of 10 ducks in a single day? If that doesn’t say much about the taste, I don’t know what does! The broth is derived from boiling duck bones — which isn’t something we find everywhere. Drizzle it all over your noodles (that are served with dry duck meat) for an extra ducky flavour!

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Ask any Johor locals for recommendations on cendol shops and they’re more than likely to direct you to Akhbar Cendol. Their cendol isn’t overly sweet and it’s just right — right enough to bring you all the nostalgic memories from when you had your first bowl of cendol! They also serve cendol kacang and cendol ice-cream, just in case you’re looking for varieties.

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We bet your eyes will be glued upon a glance of their exteriors, which are primarily made of wood and glass. Here for an afternoon tea? allow us to recommend you the nasi briyani chicken, cheesy chicken chop and fruit tea. We heavily emphasize the fruit tea for all fruit lovers — the flavour is sweetened by the fruits, leaving a sort of tanginess to it. A must to have at this café!
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