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Steamed Talapia with Bean Sauce Wild Boar Curry Salted Egg Fried Sotong Kangkung Belacan
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Level4 2016-02-02
Long weekends are a major blessing to me. Not only does it mean more time for me to rest & be a complete sloth, but also more chance to eat food that we normally have no chance to eat cause of time issue. This time mother wanted to go back to Bentong for our favourite getaway restaurant. With no hesitation we ordered their stir-fried pig intestine's with dried shrimp, garlic and chillies. This was as good as I last remembered it to be as the intestines were nicely crunchy and mixed with the saltiness of the extra bits plus chillies makes it even yummier. I kind of wished that we had ordered two plates instead of one. And this was my mother's favourite which was poached kampung chicken. It was pretty good though considering that poultry is not my first choice of meat to eat, I was not too interested in this. However the ginger, scallion, garlic and oil mix that is meant to be eaten with the chicken was what I had more of. We also ordered a simple steamed fish in soya sauce that came with ginger slices and fried garlic bits. However I kind of forgotten what kind of fish it was only that the meat was super tender & juicy because all their produce is as fresh as can be. Not surprising since we were practically sitting right next to a farm where there are actual animals. As an added treat we got these fried prawns that were crunchy and salty too because of the batter they were tossed in. At least that's what I presume the flavours were from since there isn't a sauce or anything like that. These were my favourite cause the shells are super crispy which means no peeling required. Just pop them in your mouth and chew it all up.Definitely worth the drive up here just for their food. Though be warned that over the weekends and any time later than 12pm, there is a crazy amount of people. All with the same idea too. So come early! continue reading
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