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Level2 2015-10-26
What used to be a new and starting mamak stall had now grown into a fancy bistro where it serves almost literally everything. Tawakal Restaurant & Café used to be a simple stall but now it had been upgraded and given a whole new fresh breath. The restaurant now had been renovated bigger into two shop lots but still divided into two area – air-conditioned and non-air conditioned. It was much fancier and there is now even a roof top dine in area where you can eat under an open sky at the roof top – though I’d say the roof top was rarely open due to lots of birds and rainy, hazy weather.The shop – which was located in the city center of Bentong, Pahang was a very popular shops amongst the people there. It is opened for 24hours every day through the week.The shop interior was way better than before and the air – conditioned side, there’s even two rooms with glass wall for reservations if there’s any special occasions or even, a simple family gathering. The chairs are all new and there were a few new freezers that sells unique desserts by local entrepreneurs.The menu ranges from the mamak food varieties to the authentic malay-thai food, western dishes and the amazingly delicious steamboat. As per usual, I am a true western food lover and hence, the dish of black pepper chicken chop with mashed potato dish served upon my plate.I’d say, the dish was splendid. All full marks were given because there is not one flaws on my plate that night. The chicken was original and not store brought. It was pure chicken breast fried perfectly with the beautifully decorated vegetables. I shall emphasize here that the broccoli, cauliflowers and the capsicum were all drizzled with olive oil and then grilled to perfection with the right amount of flames. It was not too soft yet not too crunchy. Just a perfect partner for the sauce. The mashed potato makes me feel like I’m on cloud nine. It’s soft texture – almost to mousse form! – were amazing and it was seasoned well. And not to forget the lovely plating.The special drinks there were the 3 layered tea. The special tea was actually a layer of gula Melaka syrup, evaporated milk and brewed tea. You have to mix it well before drinking. Next time I’ll try their delicious looking steamboat. Tempting! continue reading
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