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Level3 2016-01-17
In case you don't know this low-profile restaurant in Kuantan. This is my favourite restaurant!I would say the biggest struggle for me is to wake up early to grab the food-- "Lai Fun"In chinese it called:瀨粉Every time when I go to the restaurant after 9am, the boss would be like:"SOLD OUT"Eh harrow, 9am sold out?!!!Okay so in order to grab my favourite food and satisfy my crave, I have to wake up really early to go there and tapao the food. I always order the big bowl as the small one not enough to satisfy my taste buds.Small: RM 4.30Big: RM5.00But, this food is non-halal, as there's char siew in the noodles, peanuts, and salted veggie if i'm not wrong. I love the thick gravy and the chilli are my favourite!I ranked this food 5 out of 5 cause at the moment, I can't find anything similar and so far, this is the best!But, the boss sometimes not that friendly la.Busy big boss, in order to eat my favourite food, i have to bear with their not too nice way of talkings.I have no much comments on the restaurant, as I always take away the noodles instead of dining there. But their drinks there are not bad, and economic rice, laksa available at other stores as well.You can also walk to the morning pasar to grab some kuih after having the Lai Fun. The restaurant is kinda old school type of restaurant, and not much seats available, so most of the time i see people waiting for seats, and it could be the reason why I always choose to tapao instead of having there.Hope that you love the noodles like how I do, and be patient in waiting I once waited for half an hour TTp/s:not really long, but considering me sacrificing sleep time during the weekends. it's kinda long continue reading
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