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Mini Ang Ku Kueh Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak Pandan with Chicken Rendang Ondeh Ondeh Thai Mee Siam
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Level4 2013-08-29
Don't ever tell people that you have been to a nyonya restaurant if you have never order a nyonya kuih there, actually this dish were not order by us it is a free desert that come along with the main dish,You don't have to purposely go to a nyonya restaurant to have this as it were sold at a lot of places.The taste of the kuih were just common nothing special, don't really have the appetite to have it as I just finished the main course continue reading
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The only branch of Nyonya Colors that I have visited before this was in 1 Utama Shopping Centre. My impression on that particular branch is never negative, regardless of the fact that it tends to run out of seats most of the time. That indicates good food! Since Don had never once tried their food, we decided to visit the one in Genting Highlands when we discovered it in First World Plaza.Kuih Ketayap. It is one of the most common Malay desserts in Malaysia, made of a piece of green pancake wrapping a huge bunch of caramelized, grated coconut flesh. You should never miss it, especially now when there will be several streets selling Malay food due to Hari Raya Puasa.To save the best for the last, although it is weird to eat it in such a way, I love to dig out and finish the coconut flesh before eating the green pancake, because I always love pancakes like this.Kuih Talam. My top favorite! The top layer in white is made of coconut milk and the bottom layer is made of pandan. It really has very strong fragrance of coconut and pandan. And when I say it’s very strong, it’s really, really, REALLY very strong and heavenly good! The saltiness of the top layer blended well with the bottom layer and made it less sweet.I actually ordered another one when Don went to place his second order. Hehe!Pulut Tai Tai. The glutinous rice is colored with some bluish liquid extracted from a type of plant. This dessert is very famous in Peranakan or Nyonya cuisine, and it should never go wrong with some good kaya.Nasi Lemak Packet. It is just an ordinary typed of packed Nasi Lemak that came together with sambal, peanuts and anchovies, and half of a hard-boiled egg. Don had it, and it wasn't filling enough for his tummy, so he proceeded to the second option.Teh Tarik. It tasted like an ordinary cup of Teh Tarik, and I thought it was good to have it as my brunch along with the delicious food.Roti Jala with Curry Chicken. It definitely wasn't my first time to have this as my meal at Nyonya Colors, because they’re always too good. The Roti Jala was soft and springy, and its texture was very similar to the green pancake that I mentioned previously. Dip it with the curry and you’re good to go! The best thing of all? They never served me with chicken breast. It’s always either drumstick or chicken thigh.Yellow Laksa. This was Don's second option. I couldn't really describe the taste because it wasn't quite explainable. Was it ginger? I am not too sure. Nevertheless, the sambal was extremely spicy to the extent that his sweat poured down his face like tap water, on a cold weather.Since the foods available in First World Plaza are always overpriced and disappointing, you should consider paying a visit to this outlet for food with much better quality. Highly recommended indeed! continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-30
I have not been to Genting Highland for some period of time, and when i visited this place recently, i spotted one of my favorite food outlet, the Nyonya Colors. I ordered the cendol with red bean. This is the first time i am ordering cendol with red beans, you can also opt for normal cendol without red beans. I love the added red bean in the cendol, reminds me the Penang cendol. The gula melaka was not sweet enough. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)