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Level3 2016-01-16
st I actually ordered more food than the photos i shown.But bringing two children with me in a restaurant became not so handy that i have to focus taking care of the two active children instead of snapping pictures of our foods.All I wanted to was finish the food quick and bring the two lil monsters home so that they don't run around in the restaurant like a monkey who ran out from cage -.-We ordered Garlic Fried Rice for my sister and dad. As for myself, I ordered Kimchi Fried Rice. I'm a kimchi lover, no doubt. I would try diff kimchis food though it may not taste good. at least i get to compare.I am too much also for ordering Korean food in Japanese restaurant. But i wasn't that dumb la, i ordered sushi of course!I do love those cheap sushi not because i cheapskate or something Okay, maybe i just cheapskate plus i can't eat seafood.That's why choices on sushi seems to be limited for meI had my usual Inari sushi,Kappa Maki, Tamago sushi.^these are my favourite sushi.I ordered them and guess what. I can't finish:/I think it's because of my glutton for ordering so much though I have already ordered rice.We got the table as we had already make reservation earlier.So people, do make a reservation before you go there if you do not want to disappoint yourself for making a ride for nothing thereOne thing I love is their utensils, kitchen ware are so nice!I have interest on their utensils, if it's nice, it would give me bonus points to the restaurant.and they did that.We ordered 4 plates scallop skins, i think it's because my family likes it as well as the little ones.This place, I do recommend for Japanese food lover. Not too over-priced. and for the service, hygiene and so. I think it is a restaurant that Jap food lovers should give a try! continue reading
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