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Black Soya Chicken Rice Mee Mamak
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Level4 2012-10-24
Kemaman is a small town located at the southern part of Terengganu. In fact, it’s much nearer to Kuantan, which is the state of Pahang, and is just an hour drive away. Even so, you may still find some delightful fusion dish offered by one of the local eatery such as Hari Hari Kopitiam. (literally means Everyday also Coffee Shop, haha)Basically, this shop operates everyday except on Monday. It offers guests various delicacies ranging from local to western fusion. The cafeteria has an airy environment with minimal décor, which proves to be a hit among locals especially during the night and weekends.The western menu includes the Black Pepper Chicken. I would say it’s more like a homey version. The chicken meat is juicy and succulent, along with the dark aromatic pepperish gravy. French fries are normal but got addictive when paired with the in house prepared dipping sauce. If you fancy for some oriental cuisine, they do have options like Sweet and Sour Chicken, or Fish, if you preferred. For me, I always enjoy any fish dishes, hehe. Since the town is known to be near to the coast, naturally most of the seafood would arrive fresh. The fish filet itself was tender and soft, gently covered with the thick savory gravy. Texture was enriched with the crunchiness of the diced carrots and celery. Other than that, you could also ask for something soupy like stir-fried vegetables in gravy. For this menu, it’s bit plain and suitable for those who on diet. It’s bit starchy and resembles the usual ‘Wat Tan Hor” just that this came with rice instead.And to clear the throat, Ice Tea would be the norm, but I beg to differ with other beverage such as gingko and ‘fu chuk’ dessert This dessert was really cooling and easy to the throat. There were also some barli added to it, with egg beaten as well, thus making it tad smooth as well. continue reading
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