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Level2 2015-10-22
A recent craze here at Bentong, Pahang when a new franchise restaurant open recently. It’s no other than Deen Burger Bakar. This unique kind of burgers have been catching the heart of burger lovers and now it’s sweeping the town. People loves burgers. But there are times when the burger stall serves one thing too common. But with this new and upcoming restaurant, the people couldn’t be happier.This hipster restaurant is located at Medan Selera Kg. Baru, Bentong. The place used to be almost dead and closed but with the arrival of this shop, the place got its light back and more customers than ever before. The shop may looked fancy but the price was the most reasonable I’ve ever seen. With pretty decorations and even comfortable surroundings, this would be my new favorite hangout place in Bentong. The restaurants serves so many varieties of western food with a twist in the recipe. The burgers ranges from with addition of cheese, black pepper, eggs and salami to a unique burger called the Black Canyon that has colored burger bun. There were also choices of grilled meat, juicy Deen Meatball or special B.B.Q lamb.When I first came here it almost makes me wants to buy every single thing from the menu because it was so tempting and delicious and scrumptious and tummy-grumbling looking. Not the type of food I could resist. The burger price range from RM 6.50 to RM 34.00 if you’re feeling like you have a monster as a stomach. There were also add-ons of fries, sausages or with an additional of RM1.00 you can change your buns into black colored bun. Talk of feeling adventurous. Each burger also has its own option of single, double or triple. So before you order, ask your tummy how much it wants to eat.The system of the shop is also systematic and easy. When you come to the shop, all you have to do is queue at the cashier, order then pay up. No need to wait for the workers to come at you and take orders and have that possibilities where they mistook your order.I ordered the simple cheese burger with an addition of sausage as a side dish with a total price of RM8.50. My brothers decided to filled both their inner monster and ordered the tower burger which consist of 8-layer of burger with each storey were squirt with different types of sauce and mayonnaise for RM 34.00. Both were take-away because the shop were almost at closing time. Sadly I couldn’t even had a glance on the tower burger because as soon as I came back from my room, the burger were all gone and digested well into both of their stomach. It was scary.When I was queuing at the restaurant, I noticed that the shop has a very unique glasses for drinks. It was filled with funny words and puns and even motivational quotes. Overall my visit were satisfying. I would definitely come again to buy that tower burger. The hygiene was at its best and the food was splendid and the workers were all friendly. continue reading
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