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Level4 2013-09-04
Special BBQ- BaracudaThis is another exotic exploration in my gastronomical dictionary so far. Baracuda or commonly also known another type of piranha, is in fact, pretty scary to me at first. But since it is on the menu, I guess no harm bring more adventurous about it. After all, I yet to see such carnivorous fish being served in KL town, so of course, certain curiosity is aroused Texture wise, it is totally on the contrary of Blue Marlin. The Baracuda’s meat is much more springy or could I say elastic like rubber? Haha… I guess it must be due to its vigorous preying in the deep sea that helps to firm up its muscle? Hehe… Well, I think it’s still alright to me, but not to my friend, he really, really dislike it, haha…It comes with some savory and spicy sauce as well. continue reading
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