10 Surprisingly Good Food to Discover in Kuantan!
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Kuantan is the state capital of Pahang, the third largest state in Malaysia. This time, Nexttrip had made out way far to the Kuantan for food hunting! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Restoran Hoo Seng

Restoran Hoo Seng is a food court in Kuantan which is specializes in Chinese food. There is a famous stall among the locals as you can see the crowd building up people the moment they start their business. One of the famous stall, Tong Koon Mee Itik serves roast duck noodle. The roasted duck really stole the show, so juicy and tender! Another stall, Chia Kee serves variety of yong tau foo such as fish balls, fish cakes, stuff fish paste in lady fingers, chili, fried bean curd and many more. They have either curry or soup noodles and tom yam as well. The curry was a bit spicy and the taste was different compared to other curry noodles.

2. Restoran Lin Chi Kang Taman Kuantan

Mee hoon kueh is what we called in Hokkien. It is actually a pan mee. What's different here is the color of their pan mee, 3-color pan mee. It comes in various colours which is natural coloring so it's good! They have the red from dragon fruits (pitaya), orange from the carrots, and green from the spinach. Do try this Chinese food in Kuantan!

3. Restoran Hoi Yin

Hoi Yin is one of the highly raved halal curry mee in Kuantan. Their curry mee served in a very Chinese styled kopitiam is halal and there were quite a handful of muslims having their breakfast in this Chinese restaurant. Each bowl comes with steamed chicken, cockles, fish balls, fish cakes, bean sprouts and tofu puffs. You can opt for kuey tiao or bee hoon if you dislike yellow noodles. The accompanying chilli sauce packs quite a punch so go easy on the amount. Although not as creamy as others curry mee, but it taste better. Hoi Yin also serves Mee Kicap and Mee Sup.

4. Kedai Kopi Teng Haw

Teng Haw serves curry laksa special in Kuantan. Their curry laksa is more spicy compare to restaurant Hoi Yin. Beside the good based soup, the bowl come with very nice ingredients as well. The yong tou fu, which stuffed with fine fish paste and pre-fried well is simply delicious. Other than that, those customer are crazy about the 2 pieces of white "smooth" chicken serve in the curry. The white chicken serve with curry laksa create the best combination.

5. Restoran HLS

Restaurant HLS serves their signature Chinese food, 泡饭. Deep fried crispy rice is added to a chicken soup with crab, prawns and scallops already in it. Sound good already? Those ingredients add a certain special fragrance that is so comforting, this dish has now topped the list of customers comfort foods for sure!

6. Restoran Thong Kuok

Restaurant Thong Kuok offer a huge variety of home-made bun. Customers come to this Chinese restaurant in Kuantan for the taste of home-made bun. The mixture of crowd usually seen here of local customers and tourist shows the variety of home-made bun that is appetizing to everyone’s taste buds. A popular Chinese food here is the Chinese Steamed Buns. The prices of food here is also very reasonable.

7. Terminal Satay Zul

Terminal Satay Zul is one of the most well known satay vendors in Kuantan. As no surprise Satay is the main dish at Terminal Satay Zul. The satay is tender and flavourful and it goes well with the kuah kacang (peanut sauce). The peanut sauce which is sweet, thick and full of nut contained satay sauce. The taste of the satay was perfectly delicious besides well-marinated in preparation process. Besides, from time to time, they have other kind of Satay such as lamb, beef and other kind as well.

8. Lila Wadi Restaurant

Lila Wadi serving varieties of fusion Thai and Western cuisine, it also brought the “BBQ in the garden” concept. Signature dishes such as Mango Cheese Cake is making Lila Wadi at heart. Siakap Mangga, Siakap 3 Rasa, Beef Bacon Fried Rice and many other delicious items on the menu are often picked as a choice by the customer. Apart from that, variety of smoothies and desserts is also available at Lila Wadi Restaurant.

9. Cendol Air Putih

Cendol Air Putih is a restaurant in Kuantan which once started as a small stall under the tree, now has grown to a local cendol empire over the town. The soft cendol has a salty edge from the right balance of coconut milk and palm sugar. You can choose to add red beans or glutinous rice as a topping. Also good here is the savoury pulut ikan, grilled glutinous rice with mashed fish filling, a dish unique to the state.

10. Bay Leaf Steak House

Bay Leaf Steak House have a good variety of Western & Asian food here at a reasonable price. They served chicken chop, fried Kueh Teow, claypot loh shu fun so on. The service is quite good, but do be aware if you unfortunately come during a sudden rush of customers be prepared to wait. They are quite shorthanded but their staff seem very well trained. BayLeaf Steak House is suitable for family dinners, celebration dinners, and even a simple long-table party with friends!

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