10 Delicious Food at Bentong & Raub!
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Bentong is both a town and a district in Pahang, Malaysia. The distance from Kuala Lumpur to Bentong is about 1 hour journey. In fact, Bentong has a lot of places to visit and nice food up to grab. It’s suitable for a short getaway during weekend. Perhaps, most of the people know about Bentong ginger but not about the local food in Bentong. However, now let me introduce you ten favourite restaurants in Bentong. (The restaurants are listed in no particular order)

1. Kedai Kopi Kow Po

Kow Po coffee stall in Bentong has 41 years of history and has attracted many tourists and celebrities to visit their shop. Signature dessert was the tradition eight treasure ices but then after years of new inventions, they have finally come out with ice creams with flavors. The ice cream flavors including strawberry, chocolate, pandan, coconut, coffee, corn, peanut and vanilla. Their ice creams are made fresh daily without any preservations. Hence, the ice cream is fresh and smooth.

2. Kopitiam Thong Kee

Coffee and tea are the signatures of Kopitiam Thong Kee in Bentong and the famous one is Teh Kiam Si. Teh Kiam Si taste good with rich aroma of milk tea. Moreover, they are the first kopitiam that used stirrer to make coffee have more bubble and the texture even smoother. On the other hand, their kaya and butter toast is nice and is a must try food in Kopitiam Thong Kee. Breakfast of a cup of their signature coffee and toast are the best to kick start the day.

3. Leong Chee Hoong Restaurant

Leong Chee Hoong Restaurant mainly is selling river fish in Bentong. This Chinese restaurant provides wide range of river fish for customers to pick their favourite one. Besides river fish, prawn stew rice noodle is also one of their signatures. The rice noodle and soup absorb the fresh taste of the prawns make the prawn dish more delicious. They also provide signature fried pork belly, yellow rice wine chicken, claypot frog, German trotter and other vegetables which are local cuisine of Bentong.

4. Wonderland Valley Restaurant

Wonderland Valley Restaurant is a hidden gem in Bentong. This Chinese restaurant is so beautiful surrounded with trees and river. They have steamed Batin fish, signature steam chicken, stir fried wild boar with ginger and shallot and more. They have fish pond and pig farm, it’s suitable for bringing family and children to explore to the natural environment.

5. Garden View Restaurant

Garden View Restaurant is located at the foot of the Bukit Tinggi. The Chinese restaurant in Bentong has a spacious area and at the back of the restaurant have fish pond, vegetable farm and chicken farm. River fish, seafood, stir fried pork belly, signature cereal fried to fu, pumpkin yam abacus, butter prawn and the local vegetables are worth to give a try. However, they not only attracted the travellers but also the people that purposely go all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Bentong just to have a meal over here.

6. Foon Lock Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant located in the small town, Bentong. The Asam Talapia fish is good as the fish meat is fresh and the price is not expensive compare with other restaurants. However, steam frog with chicken essence is Foon Lock Restaurant signature, the tender frog meat with chicken essence and Chinese wine make the dish tastier. Other than that, they also provide other type of fishes, homemade to fu, stir fried pork belly, stuffed beancurd puff broth and more.

7. Ye Olde Smokehouse

Ye Olde Smokehouse is a British building with decent interior decorations in Bentong. They provide high tea set which including teas, scones with strawberry jam and cream, apple pie and assorted cakes. The other foods they provide are mushroom soup, English breakfast, mulligatawny soup and more. The trees and plantation is surrounded the café house. Hence, the environment provides fresh air and indeed a good place to high tea with friends and family.

8. Bukit Tinggi BBQ

Bukit Tinggi BBQ is a restaurant which is really hard to discover in Raub due to the Chinese restaurant that aren’t locate in some eye-catching place. They used umbrellas and empty wine bottles to decorate the restaurants. However, their signature dish is the “Fei Shui Bu Liu Wai Ren Tian”. It’s using two double decker steamers to steam the seafood and let the fresh seafood juice stream into the first tier of the steamer and then adds in vegetable to make a soup. The seafood is including prawns, crabs, clams and others. Besides that, they have to fu fried with egg, herbal chicken, roasted lamb, Apollo (stir fried chilli padi) and more.

9. Valley Agro Park

Valley Agro Park is an 18 acre big space of a natural environment in Raub. This place can be described as a place with green hills and clear water. They provide fresh river fish, fresh fruits and vegetables and some local dishes. Steam Patin Fish, stir fried prawn, steam Sultan Fish, steamed chicken and fried local beancurd with shredded chicken meat are the favourite local dishes. Valley Agro Park is a place that able to get some fresh air and a place to relax with friends or family.

10. Bentong Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

Bentong Dragon Phoenix Restaurant has more than 30 years of history in Bentong. They have built good reputation by providing good quality food to their customers. Not only the locals loves them but also people from other states. Signature dish of them is curry wild boar. The chef chooses the best ingredients to prepare the dish to ensure the quality of the meat is tender and juicy. Guang Xi braised meat, fruit salad, sea cucumber trotter, marmite pork ribs are the popular dish in the restaurant. Moreover, they also prepared frozen curry wild boar, Guang Xi braised meat and sea cucumber trotter for customer to take away.
Kedai Kopi Kow Po
Kopitiam Thong Kee
Leong Chee Hoong Restaurant
Wonderland Valley Restaurant
Garden View Restaurant
Foon Lock Restaurant
Ye Olde Smokehouse
Bukit Tinggi BBQ
Valley Agro Park
Bentong Dragon Phoenix Restaurant
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