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Ah Yip Herbal Soup

Ah Yip Herbal Soup

Address: L1-61, Level 1, The Mines Shopping Mall, Jalan Dulang, Seri Kembangan, Mines Resort City
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Tel: 03-8949 7711 (Add to Contacts)
Categories: Chinese | Restaurant | Noodles
Spending: RM10 and below
Overall Score: 3.2
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Other Information

Signature Dishes:   Claypot QiZi Dang Gui Chicken、Ginkgo & Scallop Soup、Herbal Egg、White Fungus and Sea Cocunut
Payment Method: Cash

Gourmet Reviews

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My favorite eatery at Mines Shopping MallSmile
allysha (1748 Review(s))

Being a huge fan of healthy cuisine, I absolutely love Ah Yip Herbal Soup. Especially their lunch sets. Totally value for money. For under RM12 you get a healthy soup, rice set (with veges and braised chicken with pak choy) and drink. Definitely couldn't get better. This outlet at Mines is nicely located too, at a secluded, private corner next to the bridge crossin g the Mines Cruise waterways. Nice! My favorites are the herbal egg, ABC soup, dried scallops with peanut soup and dried squid soup with radish. Yums lol

Ratings :   Taste4   Environment3   Service3   Clean3   Value for Money2

miaomace (724 Review(s))

我有个倒霉的 朋友去过两次阿业靓汤,两次都喝到臭了的汤shocked shocked shocked 我就还好,去过一次,汤还算正常。可是并不好喝,汤的味道是很浓,可是就是少了一种火候味的感觉。说不上什么,可是就是不太喜欢。后来后来,有朋友在那里打过工才知道他们用的都是“Jelly汤”运到店里客人要再加热........ mad mad mad

Ratings :   Taste1   Environment2   Service3   Clean3   Value for Money3

Ah Yip Herbal SoupSmile
Tang Szu Xi (355 Review(s))

There are quite some hidden gems at Plaza Damas / Hartamas Shopping Centre. One of these places is Ah Yip Herbal Soup. If you are looking for something simple, and rather healthy - why not check out this place? Ah Yip Herbal Soup serves a variety of chinese cuisines.Braised Herbal Egg
The egg was juicy. Fully flavoured and rich in herbs.Herbal Soup
Herbal soup is very popular among the Chinese.Braised Chicken and Pak ChoyBraised Chicken Feet with Mushroom and BroccoliVegetables with Oyster sauce
The chicken meat was tender and soft.White Fungus and Sea Coconut
Nice dessert, "tong sui" . Refreshing.Herbal Soup
The soup was cooked for long hours, enough "fo hao" . Really very rich in herbs taste.


Ratings :   Taste5   Environment5   Service5   Clean4   Value for Money4

Ah Yip Herbal SoupJust OK
jianpey (343 Review(s))

For those who are working or studying in a place which is far from their hometown, getting a bowl of home-cooked soup is not that easy. However, thanks to Ah Yip Herbal Soup, everyone can get a taste of nutritious soup even don't you are far away from home. Ah Yip Herbal Soup serves not only good soup, but also some dishes and rice to make your meal a complete one.Chicken Herbal Soup
Chicken herbal soup is very nourishing, and the ingredients which are fully loaded in the pot clearly shown that the soup is nicely prepared to make sure that it tastes good, healthy and nutritious.Braised Chicken.
Braised chicken is one of the dishes available in the menu. The chicken is normal, and taste a little tough, but the gravy is very nice, good to go with rice.

Ratings :   Taste3   Environment3   Service3   Clean3   Value for Money3

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