In our previous Election Season campaign, Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant had won the “Most Reviewed Restaurant” award.

As a token of appreciation, the restaurant had decided to work with OpenRice to co-organize an exclusive food tasting event for OpenRice members at Jang-Gun!

Jang-Gun is the first and only Korean buffet restaurant in KL. You can enjoy more than 200 food items, including fried food, BBQ food, cooked dishes, sushi, soup, porridge and dessert, at the restaurant.

The food tasting on 22th August was slightly delayed due to heavy traffic at Bukit Bintang area. Participants who arrived early started to walk around the restaurant to snap nice photos of the food.

The event kicked off with an exciting game featuring Shogun Xpress’s brand new product called Squeezit. Squeezit is a new ice-cream dessert imported from Hokkaido, Japan. The premium ice-cream is made of pure and natural ingredients.

What makes Squeezit extremely fun is that you need to suck the ice-cream out from its round shaped vessel.

To fully experience the excitement of Squeezit, three OpenRicers were selected to try the new product with their eyes blindfolded! After trying the ice-cream, they wrote a short review on the spot to share with us what they thought about the ice cream.

After three rounds of game with Squeezit, it’s the time for a grand feast of Korean buffet!

We were literally spoiled for choice with more than 200 food items. Highlights include freshly barbecued meats, kimchi pancake, ginseng chicken soup, sushi and many more!

After a sumptuous meal of Korean and Japanese buffet, the restaurant management offered an unlimited supply of Squeezit for our members to try. They can choose from 11 different flavours, including vanilla, chocolate, mango, cherry, green tea, premium banana, etc.

A participant had tried as many as 12 Squeezits just to experience all different flavours!

Souvenirs were given by Dato’ Sri Michael Chong, the managing director of the group, to all members who participated in the event. Everyone walked away well fed and satisfied!

We took a group photo in front of Jang-Gun to mark the end of another fruitful and satisfying food tasting session!