The Bavarian Bierhaus

Our most recent MakanVenture takes us to experiencing the traditional flavors of Europe without having to leave home.

Nine hungry OpenRice members come together smack in the center of K.L., at the famed Bavarian Bierhaus for a meaty, hearty feast.

As the participants start trickling in, the restaurant’s manager, Sam, and its executive chef, Massimo Zampar, chime in to chitchat and get to know the early birds while waiting for the rest to arrive.

Now that everyone is here, let’s strike a conversation with brain teasers. The first player begins with a food-related term (say, apple). Then each of the following players will have to build on it with another food term (say, the second player adds to the first word pie, and the third one gelato, and so forth…). The longer the game persists, the lengthier the chain of words will be — and the more challenging it will get for the subsequent players to remember and utter every word without a miss!



“Why lookin’ at me? It’s your turn, dude!”

As engrossed is everyone in the game, when the first of the eight-course dinner are brought forth to the table, the game is instantly put to a halt and everyone has their camera out!


Cold Cuts Platter: including Parma ham, salami Milano, Calabra, coppa, mortadella, and Creek bacon, served with pickled cucumbers, onions, and bread.

Caesar Salad: romaine lettuce, Parma ham, and hard-boiled egg all tossed together and sprinkled with crispy panini croutons, grated pecorino cheese.

Shrimp Salad: an addictive plate of jumbled-up merriness consisting of grilled shrimp, apple slices, salad greens, bacon, cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, red onion, and toasted pine nuts.

Bavarian Pork Salad: pork escalope grilled and complemented with cherry tomatoes and wilted greens, and tossed with Bavarian mustard, warm haloumi, crisp bacon, olive oil.

“Hungreeeee… Dig in, mates!”

Oh, wait up — more to come!

Mixed Sausages Platter: a selection of meaty delicacies, like farmer’s bratwurst and Hungarian sausage to chorizo, grilled bacon, and Thuringian. Roasted-garlic and habanero mayonnaises, mustard, and curry ketchup complete the carnivorous experience.

Berlin Steak: juicy grilled pork steak, with creamed spinach, fries, and bacon-wrapped asparagus.

Pork Ribs: savory, tender roasted back ribs, with Pineapple Barbecue Sauce or Cherry, Brandy & Plum Sauce. Accompanied by warm cannellini beans and mashed potatoes.

"Watch me eat, but don’t drool!"

Finger-licking good.

Oh, here comes the big guy… The German Pork Knuckle!

Massive pork knuckle gets brined with spices before roasting to crisp-skin, tender-flesh perfection. Excellent with old-fashioned pork sauce, sauerkraut, and simple boiled baby potatoes with fresh herbs.

Restaurant manager Sam lends a hand at carving the meat

And how can an impeccable meal not end with dessert! Yet again, chef Zampar pulls it off with three stunning, decadent sweets.

Tiramisu: An Italian classic of delicate, creamy, and rich mascarpone mousse with layers of coffee- and grappa-soaked sponge cake, as well as a light finish of berries and cocoa powder.

Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry: a juxtaposition of the heaviness of dark chocolate, cream, and egg with the characteristic featherlight quality of a mousse. Strawberries help cut through the richness.

German Pancakes: light, tender pancakes topped with fresh fruits and vanilla ice cream.

Before everyone calls it a night, in the spirit of sharing, chef Zampar hauls out his precious pasta machine to show how his homemade pasta is made.

And as a token of appreciation, we present to chef Zampar with an OpenRice Apron, which we hope he’ll love.

Thanks to the Bavarian Bierhaus and the OpenRice members for turning this evening into a splendid one. We’ll see you at the next MakanVentures!