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Rising Gourmet 2016-04-09
600 cc is located at sunway carnival mall. It is beside Subway. The portion of this zha jiang mian is large. If your appetite is small, it is definitely enough for two people.The taste is nice and not too salty. It is surrounded by carrot and some vege in pieces form. It has one egg and the minced chicken is the main ingredients for the mee. The price is acceptable also.  continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2012-06-22
I like to eat fried taro or kuih taro because it is sweet I thought taro drink will be also the same but now I know I wrong.This is too sweet until it taste so fake... Since I didn't order food, so I order a dessert, I thought this will also tasty cause got caramel, then I know I wrong This is my friend order, inside got a lot of ingredient.Got pudding, almond taufu, red bean, ice cream and etc... continue reading