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Rising Gourmet 2014-07-29
We decided to come to Williams for our colleague cum Cardio Class instructor for her appreciation dinner. We ordered two big plates of seafood carbonara which was just ok. I felt that two big plates of this for 16 pax is a bit too much because the sauce is quite creamy. There are a lot of mussels, prawns and octopus inside. We also ordered the Nasi Beriani with Soft Shell crab but too bad I did not get to taste the crab as I was sitting at the far end. There were a lot of fried prawns and also octopus thrown in too. The rice was quite ok but too bad there was no sauce to eat together so I ate it with the black pepper sauce. To me, the chicken chop with mashed potatoes was just like any other chicken chop. The grilled and bbq chicken drumstick was quite tasty and tender. Most of us ordered the Mint Longan Soda which was a bit too sweet for me. Since our whole bill came up to RM 315, the owner gave us two free plates of the creamiest caramel pudding. I did not like it because it was way too creamy for my palate.  continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2013-09-30
Indomee seems like a easy dish to cook but with the wrong seasoning and wrong timing, it could spell disaster. This plate was quite good actually. It was nicely seasoned and not greasy. The noodles was also cooked al dante. As for the egg, I would prefer the a sunny side up which didn't realize. A sunny side up would be runny and blend together with the noodles. But overall it's not too bad of an indomee. continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2013-09-30
This plate is fit for two, AT LEAST. The portion is just HUGE! The soft shell crab was amazing fried. It maintained the nice savoury taste of the soft shell crab. The fried rice, again I must emphasized on how big the portion of rice is. It's definitely meant for sharing. Taste wise, it's also fantastic! As I continue to munch on, the spicy bits finally gets to me. It gets spicier and spicier to a point that I couldn't go on anymore. I think the over-spiciness of the fried rice really killed it. If it's less spicy, it could be a 5 star dish. continue reading