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Rising Gourmet 2012-11-29
This’s the first time I tasted the Siew Pau from this bakery. Before this, never knew of its existence, but its name is pretty catchy, Washington Cakehouse, hehe. According to the staff, it’s said that their pastry is different from other people and the secret lies in its filling. The porky filling isn’t too fatty not sweet as the conventional one. The pasty skin is just nice, not to thin, thus not that floury and was pretty fragrant with the addition of sesame baked together.As for this Butter pastry, I actually had higher expectation on it as I love buttery pastries very much. The skin appeared to me bit thicker, and the filling was bit dried out, not that creamy nor smooth which I was anticipating. Anyhow, if you’re not a fussy person, that shouldn’t be any problem. It’ll still make a good snacking time! Haha…. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2012-07-31
My partner told me that he grew up eating the biscuits bought from this bakery and every time he bites into the butter cookies he will remember all the memories of his childhood. The butter cookies had a flaky texture to it but it had a crunchy bite to it. The butter cookies were fragrant as well as you can smell the buttery aroma when you open up the bag. I like how the cookie melts into your tongue when you bite into it. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2012-06-07
You can say I literally grew up with the biscuits and cookies from this stall. My family has been purchasing from the owners for more than 20 years or ever since I was a young kid I remember munching butter cookies fresh from the oven. The butter cookies are very brittle and melts in your mouth when you bite into it and you can taste the distinctive butter taste in the cookies. If this stall is around when I have my own kid, I will not hesitate to buy a packet for them and say this is what dad grew up with. continue reading